End of an Era.

Me, Beer, and meat !

Life is good. Summer is in full bloom and I am still jobless and on break from school. Wheich means all I do is BBQ and drink.

Went up north last weekend and had a weekend with nature. Learn more about that here.

Martin causing havoc on the dance floor

My Swiss flatmate Martin "the Cheese" Bueler has left 27 Ridge St. It was a sad day. He is spending the next 2 months driving down the east coast of OZ and then heading home to Swiss-land. I will be visiting him there in 2007, so if you wanna roll to Swiss-Land hit me up.

Caroline, my other flatmate, has left for the next three months to intern for the UN in Singapore. She's over there fighting the good fight. She is subletting her room until her return next year. However, I have a strong feeling she will move in with her boyfriend when she returns.

Also, all the Canadian friends I had made when I met Nadine are all gone now. She is the last one left in Sydney. You can keep up with their adventures here and here.

So it's been a good 6 months, I made tons of friends and plan on seeing them all through out my travels.

The new era will begin this Tuesday when Ass-man gets here. He will be here for about a month, and Short-Dog will be joining us around New Years time. So let the good times keep rolling.

Sorry for the lack of pics, my laptop decided it doesn't want to read my camera's SD card. But it will be fixed soon.

***RIP to Richard Pryor***