Happy Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving folks!


Geared heart.

This is INSANE ! Perfect example of amazing Japanese design.

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Finally! All of us Photoshop nerds can display our love of the software through these cool little buttons (badges) that showcase all the PS toolbar icons.
We should go one step nerdier and have something with the shortcut keys for each?

Grab them here.

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Scale it back!

This stool by atypyk (from the saint etienne biennale 08) weighs you while you sit... make sure to keep this away from the dinner table this Thursday.via designboom


Design School Spam

There is a great article at Design Observer about Graphic Design School Spam and the bastardizing of an entire academic process...

Album Art.

Album art is one of the coolest forms of graphic design. I have drawn a lot of inspiration from album covers over the years so this Play and Dsiplay Frame is perfect for easily transforming your classic and contemporary album covers into a hanging works of art.

Make a feature of your favorite vinyl record covers with these clever frames. The front of the frame flips open with the touch of a finger to let you change your display at whim, while the cushioned back ensures both single and double albums can be accommodated.
Grab it here.

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Three Monkeys

Damn it Dave Kinsey ! Why are you so damn awesome... and why is everything always SOLD OUT!?

Check out the new work by Kinsey...

This one makes my ears sweat!

Mizaru, Kikazaru, Iwazaru (Three Monkeys)


Historical Street Art

Everyone's favorite street artist/designer has already cemented his place in history during the 2008 US Presidential Elections with his posters and imagery of Barack Obama. Just when you think he couldn't be more of a big deal... he can be. The Smithsonian Institute is raising the $75K needed to purchase the giant, fine art version of the iconic Obama image used in the presidential campaign to put in the National Portrait Gallery.

This election has turned out to be historical on so many levels! I love it !
Long live street art!

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Flip Book Madness

This flipbook video for Kraak & Smaak is awesome... reminds me of a Wes Anderson flick.



So after a month of growing out my luscious Octobeard... I have finally tapped out.
But don't worry I made sure some pictures, typography and a badass logo came out of it.

And remember... beards are way cooler than society has made them out to be.
Next step: Decembeard: This time its personal!


Things Done Changed!

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Stop reading this and GO...