One of the Mad Men

If I worked at Sterling Cooper...

Create yourself as a Mad Men character here.



Vanilla Sky

Great poster.

designed by abb-design


How to get shot.... by The Sartorialist

Ok. Anyone that knows me (which is all three of the people that read this thing) knows all I usually wear is black t's, canvas shoes and flip flops. Not because I'm hip, cool and trying to keep up with the hipsters. No, more so because I'm lazy and I have the fashion sense of shag carpeting.

One person on the internets that is the king of "street style" and all that is hip in fashion is Scott Schuman with his blog The Sartorialist. He runs around the world taking pics of "really cool people" in their coolest outfits. Now thanks to Christene Barberich & Piera Gelardi ( and designer Joshua Covarrubias) we can all follow this simple flow chart to gaurantee catching The Sartorialists eye (lens).

click on image to enlarge

Cuffed pants, vintage bikes and a scarf - here I come.


Wilco Summer Posters

The Heads of State just put up 3 new posters they've done for Wilco summer '09 shows.

Amazing work as usual...


Fare Play

Clean layout - check
Crisp Custom Typography - check
Clever Copy - check

Who cares how it tastes - i'll still get into it!

Mucca Design has created a stunning package design for Brooklyn based gourmet store, Brooklyn Fare. The branding features a proprietary typeface by Mucca called Fare Serif that is used everywhere and a 4 color system.


Neko Case

I just grabbed this letterpress poster - pretty friggin' awesome!

by Bennett Holzworth / you can grab it here

The State

MTV2 Legit is a new block of TV airing on Friday nights that his going to air clips form the original episodes of one of the greatest TV shows of my generation: The State..

If you are in your late 20's to 30's and don't know what The State is: punch yourself then read this.

You can also grab the entire 4 season collection on DVD.


I Heart NY




These art prints for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics are pretty sweet. Good work Canadia!
Grab them here.


Printer Love.

Pretty clever.