Holy Hell! My Head Just Exploded with JOY !

Peeping Kuuuuuooooomar

This week I have started to convert half my bedroom into my work space/studio. I want to keep doing creative stuff outside of the corporate 9to5. While trying to resolve some space division issues I stumbled upon this site, and I CAN"T STOP GOING THROUGH IT. The first 3 hours were spent just reading the posts sent in by designers, but now I am going through all of them. It might be one of the coolest sites ever. Does this make me a weirdo just because I like checking out other peoples work spaces ?


Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto

Now that I am back into the 9to5 grind, I have to go and buy an alarm cock. Here are 2 great solutions to the boring conventional clocks.

Dangerbomb Alarm clock

This alarm clock is a pretty clever design for people like me, no not because I am brown and my people love bombs, but because it is really hard for me to wake up in the morning (or during any part of my sleep cycle). I usually end up turning off the alarm and being late for whatever it is I need to be up for. But with this clock I have to actually get up and connect the 3 wires to stop the annoying buzzing.

This this takes “interactive wake-up solutions” to the next level. As soon as the alarm goes off, Clocky takes off and runs around your room beeping and flashing until you get up and chase it down. Perfect… I might just have to order me a Clocky.

I proudly present 2 of the coolest shoes to ever be targeted to our generation:

The Transformers X Nike Air Trainer III


Reebok Voltron Pack


I reall hope no one is planning to make a line of kicks for these guys


My piece bang cloth tables...

One of my former professors just got a mention in POL Oxygen magazine as one of the best and brightest designers. Kelly Freeman, of BernabeiFreeman, was a studio professor during my postgraduate course. She and her partner have been recognized for the design of the Cloth Table:

The versatile Cloth Table has a perforated tartan top that can be reversed to create a self-contained serving tray. Manufactured from aluminum, stainless steel and powder coated white, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


One of the other designs mentioned in the same listing of the best and brightest is the Zoe Chair by Lievore, Altherr & Molina. This chair looks way too comfortable to be “high design” and I guess thats why I want to give it a shot out. I would actually put this in my “Man Room” not just for aesthetics but for it's comfortable-looking functionality.

I recently came upon a 2-way doormat which reads “Come In” one way and flipped over it reads “Go Away.” Pretty clever… and it will be available for purchase here.


Foooosball ? That's the Devil's game

Over the years I have been a big fan of graffiti artists that go beyond the call of duty. One of my favorite "art terrorists" is UK based Banksy. Last year Banksy went down to the West Bank barrier, and while being harrassed and even shot at by Israeli & Palenstinian "security" he managed to put up 9 satirical graf pieces on both sides of the wall. When interviewed by POL Oxygen magazine, he described the expereince as the "Ultimate Activity Holiday Destination for Graffiti Writers." more>>

This next design takes multi-functionality to the next level. An essential for any bachelor pad ****whoville, I'm looking at you****. Now you can get a fooooosball table, pool table and dice football (not sure what that is but it sounds awesome) all in one table with a turnstile mechanism that locks and rotates each different gaming surface. Watch out sliced bread... more>>

In a previous post I brought you guys the results for the "Ceramics for Breafast" design competition. Well if you cared and wanted to put the faces of these young,amazing designers with their designs then you're in luck. Here are some photos from the awards ceremony.