Gloden Flaming Hawk

Best use of a golden flaming hawk... ever ! God bless ads that are completely irrelevant to the products they are pushing, but it has some bad ass animation and motion graphics.

from netdiver

Street Justice

One of my favorite past times is going graffiti hunting in all the cities I visit. Some of the best grafitti I've seen has been in Prague and Melbourne. The only problem is I can't ever coomunicate with the artists to let them know how I feel about their work, whether good or bad, because I'm not a part of the mysterious graff sub-culture. But now I can ! Design Crack has come up with a "Graffiti Report Card" that can be downloaded, filled out and stuck next to any piece you feel needs a comment. It has a 3 point rating system for creativity, skillz, daring and overall. It also has a section for comments and artist information. Pretty cool idea, and I've already downloaded a bunch for my next walk through Syndey's streets...just in case I come across any street art I might like to critique.from core77

Tetris Vase

Ceramic vase tetris ! They might not be marketing Angelo Mangiarotti's Tremiti vases that way because it was designed(1965) before the days of Tetris (1984), but that's the first thing that popped into my 80's pop-culture infested head. I'm sorry if I'm taking away from the genius behind this amazing design by calling it that... but I love it. A new modular way to display your fauna/fruit or maybe your Skittles, either way it's bad ass....you can get your set at bltd.


intoxicatingly ?

The Dot Grid Book is a must have for anyone who is done with lined or square grid pages. Replace your dark, overwhelming lines with this subtle dot grid. The "dot matrix" is perfect to keep you on the right track and when you scan in your sketches the dots are too light to be picked up.

from how
Here is a prime example of "intoxicatingly" delicious and consistent graphics. It doesn't get much better than this !

Thanks to NOTCOT, I've discovered some of the funniest e-cards ever. They remind me of Get Your War On with the silly captions grouped with a generic static drawing. But PLEASE look through these at someecards.com and send your friends, family and ex-girlfriends the appropriate cards. A little random humor never hurt anyone !


Let ya hair down...

I can't say that I've ever bought or used a candle on my own will...but with the new Atari joystick candle holder from Mixko I might have to.

Last year, Mixko in collaboration with Jeremy Scott, turned normal pendant light bulbs into deliciously designed soft serve (whippy) ice cream.

Mixko, along with another SG favorite Paige Russell, will be joined by several exhibitors at this years ICFF in New York from May 19th until the 22nd.

Check out these kick ass prints by Mr. Bingo. They are detailed hair portraits of people who we all know and love, including the Hedgehog and Johnny Wad. They are screen printed by hand with a limited run of only 50 for each print so hurry...

Thanks to 30gms.com


American Aquarium Drinker...

Want the ultimate desk accessory to make your friends and family know you mean business when it comes to obscure indie bands ? Well look no further folks... here it is. Thanks to UNKL, you can order hang out with the boys from Wilco everyday with this set of the whole gang Jeff, Glenn, Mikael, John, Pat and Nels in a special edition case. (and if Wilco is too obscure for you, then ha ! get with it )

Innovative tableware design makes me feel pretty damn good ! Even more when the functionality of the object is not compromised for "coolness." The Cupple Mug at day-lab is the perfect example of what it takes to make me feel warm and giddy. The mug has an ergonomic handle that can be placed inside the saucer, providing us with awesome twist to how we store and display our mugs.Functional and COOL !
Also, check out the other stuff at day-play as it is not you run of the mill design retail site...

from browner brown via day-lab


2modern.. 2furious

I've recently started blogging for 2modern on a weekly basis. So check out my post over at the 2modern Design Talk every Tuesday.

Special thanks to Holly at decor8.


7th Annual Milan "time to get get giddy" Design Week 2007

This years Milan Design Week had outstanding coverage in the blogosphere. Thanks to Moco Loco, Core77, Designboom and Pan-Dan I felt like I was actually in Milan for the fair (minus the great food, hot women and gelato). There is a lot to process after the world’s biggest annual design fair, but I’ll list a few things that made me giddy…

Flos brings in the big dogs, Marcel Wanders and Phillipe Starck, to make their lighting solutions even more dazzling.

“Sky Garden” by Marcel Wanders for Flos

"Tribe" by Phillipe Starck for Flos

Moooi “The Unexpected Welcome”

In an exhibition setting these are impressive, but I bet isolated in a domestic context they will be overwhelmingly impressive.

'Non-Random' lights by Bertjan Pot for Moooi

I posted on the Fatboy f
urniture line recently, Patricia Urquiloa’s “Fat Sofa” is the Banana Republic to the "Fatboy" furntiture’s Old Navy. But they do look deliciously plumperific. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
'Alinata' shelving system by Satyendra Pakhalé for Erreti are a pretty cool design for a boring old shelf. And the stragetically placed legs on all sides lets you place the shelf to your needs.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Left or Right BIG lamp by Julian Appelius is a perfect combination of lighting solution and book storage as a reading light that can sit bed side or chair side and hold all you reading material as part of it’s structure. A smaller version is also available to be mounted on the wall or for table tops.

Lamps No1 & No2 by Nicolo Taliani are based on science lab equipment. The beaker style base of the lamp holds the chord as it coils up to create a unique look that relates to how much lead is needed on the chord to plug in the lamp. Simple and amazing!

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec's "Pol" sofas just look kick-ass !---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Peter Marigold's cool and practical shelving solution is modular and can be customized according to individual requirements.


Last, but definitely NOT least, I have to give a shout out to Karola Torkos and Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino for their fun and innovative line of table ware called Topoware.

"This set, made of bowls, salad plates and dinner plates see the lines reappear in playful ways to label your dining habits. Each piece addresses a different issue or poses a different question. Are you hungry, very hungry or done? Are you modest or greedy? Do you have a mom/dad or child portion?". See more here on the Topoware Flickr page.


Dirty Sanchez

This past weekend was a “rock star” weekend as Sydney hosted the MTV Video Music Awards. Since J-Dizzle is the head of Talent/Artist relations she asked me to help her out by being a talent escort for Dirty Sanchez. I was warned that these boys are gonna be nuts and that I will be super stressed out with their antics while trying to smoothly escort them during the live filming of the show. Also, I was warned that they would probably urinate on me or staple their peni to my leg. However, the boys were amazingly friendly and professional. They were cooperative and despite being completely shit-faced during the whole weekend they made it very easy for me. Not only that but I got to hang with 4 of the funniest guys I have ever met in my life. Granted that when the cameras are on they electrocute each other and swing heavy objects off their reproductive organs, but just hanging out and drinking they are like any other group of best friends who are having a blast. They rag on each other and make fun of stuff trying to make each other laugh. All in all, it was a great time and it made me a bit envious of their lifestyle. Hopefully I will get to hang with them again because it was ridiculously fun.

I had to physically remove myself from the room during their media interviews because I was laughing so hard. I will try to see if I can get footage of the interviews for you guys to see,

Some of the other celebs I saw during the filming of the show and the after party:
Good Charlotte, Fergie, Nicole Richie, SilverChair, Perez Hilton, Kristen from Laguna Beach, 30 Seconds to Mars and a bunch of other OZ celebs…