Squats Till We Poop

Since my last post I have found a job. I know, it's so out of character, Mr. " I quit my job to travel the world and be a bum" has a job. But wait let me explain. Can I help it that it is my predetermined genetic destiny to work in the job that I have. Can I help it that I have tried my whole life to avoid this job that I have. Can I help it that I moved to another continent to get a masters degree to avoid this job that I have. No... I can't ! Genetic predispositon: 1. Me: 0.

What's this job. I am a Slushie machine guy. I work for a small party hire company called Cocktail King located in Edgecliff. I am the guy that prepares the slushie mixes ( alcoholic and non) , prepares the machines, and delivers them to functions and peoples houses. In actuality, it is an amazing job. I work with 3 other guys including the owner and it is a laid back gig where I get to drive a big ass van full of slushie mixes and machines around all of sydney making peoples parties better. And it pays good.


I can't get enough of the Peter Rosenberg Show. Podcasts are amazing and I am glad the RL introduced me to them. I get a little slice of home automatically updated in my iTunes every morning. Pretty cool. Speaking of RL, check out his blizzog... that jounx is getting better and better every post.... and its blowing up.


The Footy just started here. It's a fun time, Autumn has arrived and NRL, AFL and Rugby Union are all starting. It's good for me because all my local teams from back home are useless. However, the Wests Tigers wont the NRL Premiership last season and the Sydney Swans won the AFL Premiership. So all local teams here are defending champs and since I watched them win last year, I look forward to watching them defend their titles.

Oh yeah, I have been trying to get into the NBL as well. But it is not the same. The only reason I will support it is because there is a team called the Brisbane Bullets. Oh thats gonna be jersey purchase for sure !

Redonkulous Linker and McDonkerton: Check this out.


Most of you probably don't know this, but along with being an artist/designer/superhero I am a huge graffiti fan. Turns out I moved to the right country for that. Graffiti culture is very recognized in OZ and is everywhere. There are a huge number of galleries in Sydney and the eastern suburbs designated to street art. Actually, Melbourne ( mel-burn) is the "Stencil Graffiti Capital". There is a Stencil Festival being held there in a few weeks, I will defintiely try to make that. Will keep you posted ( as if you really want me to).


Best use of Alcohol and email goes to my little Brown Buddy K-dizzle ( half of the Brown Guy Express had a guest blog back in June of 2005). Please read below.






Keep up the good work man !


Check out this website. One of the best, most intense, interactive sites I have ever seen. Makes me want to just give up... why bother when this is being done. Amazing. Litfuse Designs


Mardi Gras is Gay

Yesterday was Sydney's Mardi Gras. I have never seen that many tranies and gay people in my entire life. It was pretty bizzare. Apparently it's the second biggest gay pride/mardi gras thing in the world, behind SF. Rather than take part in the gay festivities some of our friends had a Mardi Gras party. In this country all parties have a theme. You can't just show up and drink. Most people have dress up parties ( simialr to our Halloween). Me being too cool for school and playing the "I didn't know, I'm American" card again got by with out too much harassment. The party was awesome. The dudes throwing the party were all dressed up in pink hot pants and small tight shirts. Prett gay... pretty Mardi Gras... pretty funny. The party was BYOB, which means that if you show up, late like we did, everyone will drink your stash of beer from the tub because they've already drank all theirs. This happens all the time, so me being the alcoholic that I am brought along a fifth of JB as back up. Sure enough the beer was gone... and I starting swilling back the JB. I also proceeded to pour it down peoples throats and then yelling at them for being pussies and not thinking about bring their own back up plan.

This is the most unorganized post in the history of the world. That's what happens when you drink til 5 am. I'm a bit out of it. Sorry. To make up for this awful post I give you pics...


Went to TropFest last Sunday. It's a huge outdoor short film festival. We got there about 5, it started raining at 7, the films started at 8, we left at 8:45, and there was a huge thunderstorm by 8:47. No cabs were stopping for us cause we were soaking wet so we walked a couple miles back to the house in pouring rain. That was one of the worst storms ever, a person died because there car got swept of the road due to massive flooding. Nuts.


This is the coolest thing ever. Simpsons live action opening sequence.


I put some more picks up on Flickr. Check 'em out.