Milky Cereal....

I just returned after a 2 week vacation from Western Samoa. Man does it suck to be back into an office with pants and shoes on ! All i've worn for the last 2 weeks is flip-flops and board shorts but today I had to put on the dreaded shoes. My feet hate me... if they were a person they would take a baseball bat to my face for forcing them inside a pair of shoes.

Samoa was amazing. Paradise. Untouched, unspoiled beaches and forests. The people are massive ! I was average size there... and it felt good, I mean real good. Fell in love with the locally brewed beer, Vailima, so I wanted to invest in a Vailima shirt.
At the shirt stall the lady asks me what size shirt I need and I give my usual answer, "the biggest you got." So she replies, "ok, here's a 6x." it was a friggin' tent, so I said i just need a 2x and she's looks at me and smiles, "so you want the smallest size." Man it felt good to buy the smallest shirt in stock.

Lot's of beaches, lots of coastal drives, fire dances, fresh coconuts & seafood, traditional tattoo's, turquoise water and kava.

Will put up pics soon.


I just discovered a great online show called Red vs. Blue. Might be one of the best concepts ever. The episodes average about 2-3 mins in length and the dialog is HIGH-larious. Check it out.


I love creative and contemporary ceramic tableware! Here are some of the winners of the latest "ceramics for breakfast" design competion organized by designboom and MACEF. They are listed in the order that designboom and MACEF awarded them, however I disagree and have put my personal awards in place as well.

MACEF First Place.
SubcontinentalGiant 1st runner-up.
name of design : toasta (toast automatica)
design by : george watson from uk

Details here.

MACEF 1st runner-up.
SubcontinentalGiant 3rd runner-up
name of design : brick-a-bowl
design by : spitshuis lidewij from netherlands
Details here.

MACEF 2nd runner-up.
SubcontinentalGiant First Place.
name of design : Milk moments
design by : strasser laura + milia seyppel from germany

Details here.

MACEF 3rd runner-up.
SubcontinentalGiant 2nd runner-up.
name of design : parlez avec moi
design by : xinhe jiang + Zhuo Wang from france

Details here.

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