My Slow Descent into Alcoholism... Pt. II

So it's Thursday afternoon. I have been studying Actionscripts for my Flash project all day. My head explodes three times in the 4 hours I am crunching code. I finally stop and go get a bite to eat at the student shop where I run into fellow American and Master of Design student Amy. At 4:30 it is suggested that we go get 40 oz's and drink them in the campus courtyard (as shown in these photos) until our 6:00 class. next thing you know it's 5:55 and we're two 40 oz's deep each. I love being a postgraduate student and class went great.


Amy and yours truly brown bagging it.


Pokia... I don't even know ya.

It's hour 5 of me studying at school. So obviously I have been taking breaks on the good old internets to keep me from going crazy.

Just found these new retro phone attachments by London designer Hugler. They are the opposite of hands free dialing. You connect a big ass old school phone receiver to your cell phone. So outlandish that I think it's bad ass !

check it out.


Godfather 3 pieces of shit.

I finally broke down, through a lot of persuasion from my roomates, and watched Godfather 3. Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but that's not saying a lot. It was God-awful. stinker 1. Sofia Coppola is the worst actress in the history of the planet, moons and stars. I was actually relieved when she died. Her line delivery was as if she was in a parno flick ! stinker 2. Vincent (Mancini) Corleone becomes the don. Right. stinker 3. Anthony Corleone is a fag. Opera over the family business. stinker 4. When did Connie get so ballsy. She's giving go aheads on hits and poisoning conoli's to kill another Don ? stinker 5. Kay is still the worst person ever ! I hated her in the first 2 and hate her even more in this one for brainwashing Anthony to be a fucking opera singer.

All in all it was bad and didn't even seem like a Godfather movie. The only pluses were the quick glances of Appelonia. Ah, Appelonia... you were a beautiful creature who would have been the perfect wife of a Don. Your sun set way too early !