Top Dubs !

Here are the 20 albums I rocked the most this year...

The Roots - Game Theory ( and possibly the best album art as well )
Ghostface - Fish Scale
Jenny Lewis w/ The Watson Twins - Rabbit Furcoat
Dj Green Lantern - Alive on Arrival
Kanye West - Late Registration
Flaming Lips - At War With the Mysitcs
Jedi Mind Tricks - Servants in Heaven, Kings in Hell
Lupe Fiasco - Food & Liquor
Big Boi - Got Purp? Vol. II (This was released in 2005 -- I didn't discover until early this year, deal with it.)
Little Brother - Seperate But Equal
Gnarls Barkley - St. Elsewhere
The Raconteurs - Broken Boy Soldier
Jean Grae & 9th Wonder - Jeanius
Dilated Peoples - 20/20
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Show Your Bones
TV on the Radio - Return to Cookie Mountain
Girl Talk - Night Ripper
Bernard Fanning - Tea & Symphony
Beck - Information
Hill Top Hoods - The Hard Road

The album I think I played the most during my Master of Design program : Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot ( Demos )

If there is an album that i didn't list and you think I'm an idiot... hit me up and let me know.


Hip Hop is Dead ?

This post is strictly HIP HOP...

Nas is releasing a new album in a few weeks and it is boldly titled "Hip Hop is Dead"

Here is a PitchFork Media Interview with Nas.

Also, the new LP has a song with Jay-z called "Black Republicans." Pitchfork deems the song a battle between the "Insular basket case" vs. "Omnipotent archangel"... you be the judge
-- article --- song ---
Ughh.com reports :

"Tony Starks is dropping another album this year. That’s right, 12/12 marks the date More Fish hits store shelves.

The album is an underground hip hop fan’s audible fantasy as the LP features Ghostface spewing shaolin sword techniques over instrumentals from Madlib, M.F. DOOM, Pete Rock and Hi-Tek. Guest appearances include Redman, Sheek (D-Block), and of course the Theodore Unit, but “More Fish” also introduces the world to Ghostface’s son, Sun God. If you watched the DVD that came with the Trife CD earlier this year, you already know the kid’s got heat (who could forget Ghost welcoming his son to the stage, “That n**** came from my balls”).

While many in hip-hop mourn the passing of the glory days, More Fish is another classic album from one of the genre's true legends, and one of its greatest talents. But for Tony Starks, it appears easy - like shooting fish in a barrel."

Still diggin Fishscale, can't wait to here this one.
In the last 18+ months I have been trying to get into Aussie hip hop. After realizing that there is huge hip hop scene I found out that one of the first real hip hop head I met out here is blowing up on the Sydney Hip Hop scene.

Here's a bit from his interview with a local radio station:

Take a line of your lyrics from one of your songs. Tell us more! Where did that thought come from?
"You wanna talk heat? Tongue broke thermometers
You rappers don’t count like votes in Florida" - from Bad Education

I like that lyric because it serves the dual purpose of dissing weak mcs AND ‘cosmetic democracy’ at the same time. For those who don’t know there have been major allegations of ballot-fixing in the last two US presidential elections. In a country where voting is optional (note:voting is mandatory in OZ), I think every vote should be counted.

How good is that response?! This guy is on top of his shit... one of the smartest guys I've ever met and a very talented MC. He is destroying MC battle competitions and local shows.

Check out "The Tongue"


Oh, and if you haven't worn out your copy of The Roots latest album, Game Theory, then you're an idiot because it is one of the best albums I have ever heard in my LIFE !


And now some classics

Warning.Ready To Die.

Feelin' it. Reasonable Doubt.

One Love. Illmatic.


If You Design It... They Will Come.

This has probably been the longest hiatus that this blog has seen, but I do have a good excuse. I had to finish up my masters degree !

Yup it is official… I am a Masta of Mothafuckin’ Design ! What ever I touch instantly turns into an aesthetically pleasing, fully justified, functional marvel. Hey it’s a big responsibility, but I’m the man for it.

Over the past 3 semester I have created a lot of stuff,but these 2 objects are the ones I enjoyed conceptualizing and creating the most. Also, I became very involved with these 2 and that's why I am so satisfied with the end results.


F209 Light

The design of the F209 Light is minimal in aesthetic and material use. The shape consists of 2 hollow conical forms that rest upon each other at the tapered ends . The seam where the 2 cones meet is connected with a piece of opal white perspex (plexiglass), which is in place to enhance the seam and accentuate the separation of the two forms through its illumination

The F209 Light is made up of completely recycled materials. The body of the light is created from old newsprint found at COFA. Once unwanted paper is collected, it is put through a pulping and reforming process to create the conical shapes that I used for the lamp. During the pulping process, the paper is mixed with an organic and non-toxic wheat paste that helps it reach a workable consistency. As a clay-like consistency, the paper is then reshaped by using a positive mould.

At the end of it's life cycle the paper forms can be broken back down to the original paper pulp state to be reproduced into another light or composted.

Puzzle !The Puzzle! Plates are tableware with an interactive twist. Most highly design tableware collections are serious and snobby. These plates break that boring trend by being functional and fun. The plates fit into each other from any side. The Puzzle ! line is constructed with stoneware ceramic and comes in white with an option of turquoise and lavender accents.

Stay tuned for more…


Get Your War On

Just revisted the GYWO guys today after a year and they are still amazing.

Here is the latest one...

Also, these guy are now on tour with a GYWO play. Wish I was stateside so I could check it out.
Here is more info on that...


Gold Lion Gonna Show me Where the light is...

I totally forgot to mention this last week. But just recently The Redonklulous Linker has fullfilled 2 major steps in leaving us irresposnible children behind and becoming an adult. He purchased his very own house and also got engaged. Congratulations man!

Last week a few of my friends from the Masters of Art program had some of their work exhibited in a show titled Dissonance. Didn't get any shots of the work or the exhibition... but here are some pics from the drunken celebration that followed.


Now that the The RL is gonna be domesticized... a Wi-Fi Washer and Dryer might be a great investment so he can multitask while updating his blog for us.

Washers and dryers that link wirelessly to internet-connected home networks are being tested by consumers who are receiving updates on their dirty laundry by cell phone, computer and TV set.

Messages not only indicate when a wash is complete but also can warn that a lint filter is clogged or a load is too large. Users can remotely command the machines to fluff dry clothes or start a load from a distance after being told -- oops -- they forgot to start the wash.

(full artcle here)


The adventures of Professor Awesome-O are still continuing. Me and the Lead professor had are first grading session last Tuesday. This is when all the kids pinup there work and give a us a brief presentation/explanation of what they are trying to communicate and why. Then I had to critique and comment on each one with the kids looking at me.... wow that was tough. A lot of the times I just wanted to say "look, save your parents money and just drop out of this program now because your work makes my eyes bleed" but instead i had to say, " I like the direction you're going in, try to focus a little more on blank and blank, but good work". Bollocks !

Grading art is a lot harder than I thought. I have a lot more respect for all the professors that graded my crap in the past and actually gave me positive feedback.

But as the grading went on ( for 2 hours ) there was a consistent pattern where I was bad cop and the other professor was good cop. I think we made for a good team, and hopefully this will help the kids prepare for the next assessment.


Get on The Grind Like Clockwork

Alright, it's been 4 months !

Things done changed... so I'll get right into it.

I am 4 weeks into my final semester of the Master of Design program at UNSW. Yup, that's right. I'll have Masters degree by mid-November. I'm awesome ! Last semester went well, I had some great work through my classes and my grades ( marks ) were pretty damn good.


I went home after last semester, and it was solid. Good to see everyone, and realize things really aren't that different in a year. Except all my friends are progessively getting older and more responsible while I'm regressing in that area of life. Oh well, someone's gotta do it. The whole month back home was a big blur, long nights drinking and even longre days recovering while consuming as much cable TV as I possibly could. Lot's of reality shows and ESPN.


Last time you guys tuned in, I was working for Slushie King Australia. Yeah, that's not happening anymore. I graciously bowed out of the Slushie industry, even though I am brown it just wasn't for me. This leads me to one of my new jobs. I am currently the "Assistant Lecturer" at my University, the College of Fine Arts. I am teaching freshman design studio. So I am a member of Acedemia with a Staff card and priveledges along with a parking spot in the staff lot. I'm Awesome !

The other day I told a kid to call me Professor Awesome ! He looked at me and said "Are you serious ?" then I laughed and said "no, I'm just kidding.... but seriously... if you want to you can call me that."

This is gonna be amazing !


Now on to job number 2. I just started this job last week. I am the new "Design Consultant" for Directflights.com.au. It's a pretty good gig. I get to help improve the user interface and user experience for the company site before its full B2C launch in a few months. It's kinda weird to be back in the corporate world again after a year, but hey, it's a resume builder. Even though I am back in an office, I am not conforming to the rules. For my interview I wore a dirty t-shirt and my AIIIR Force Ones ! WOrd. I keep it Gangsta in corporate Sydney. Yesterday, we had a meeting with the site developer, and I was one of 5 people in the meeting. The difference, they all had on nice expensive suits and shiny shoes while I was rocking a blue hoody with Converse. Word ! Gangsta. Keepin' it real !


Just finished watching the first season of Ricky Gervais' new show Extras. It is hilarious. In the past few months I have become obsessed with Gervais. His podcast is brilliant as well, definitely check that out. Also, he wrote and starred in a Simpsons episode as well where he played his character from the Office. The guy is high-larious.


I am the Decider !

Just caught this off of The Huffington Post.

Great song ! He is the Decider... Koo-Koo-Ka-Choo !


Sumo Styles

Last wednesday Sydney hosted the 2nd annual MTV Video Music Awards at the Super Dome in Olympic Park. Guess who had front row seats and after party passes.... this guy. Thanks to my roommate J-dizzle. It was pretty cool, but I was expecting MTV NY style show but it wasn't. It was kinda bush league. The place holds about 21,000 people and it was very empty. That should say alot. Here were the people I saw.. Snoop, Ashlee Simpsons ( host), the Veronicas, the Darkness, Bernard Fanning, James Blunt, End of Fashion and Kiwi Hip-Hoppers Scribe and Savage. But the hightlight was the after party, 10:30 to 3 am open bar with everything. The greatest thing to watch was the all the hip-hop entourages that were on ass patrol during the after party and the chicks that were lining up to give humm jobs.

You guys should check out Bernard Fanning and Scribe. Good music.


J-dizzle spent the entire week leading up to the awards babysitting Ashlee and Jessica Simpsons. Apparently JS is a bitch and a porker that eats all the time, and AS is cool and down to earth. The father loves scooby snacks.

My visit back to the motherland is official. I will be back in MD/DC/VA on June 15th.


One of the services my company has is renting out Sumo Suits. The giant palstic fat suits you put on and wrestle each other with. When we rent these suits out to parties, one of us has to be there to make sure everything is strapped on tight and no one dies. Last night I was on Sumo Suit duty and had to go to a party in Penrith. It was a young ladies 21st birthday and they decided to get Sumo Suits. When I show up the usual shit happens I set everything up and people start wrestling and it's pretty boring. However, last night a few of the guests at this party were professional Rugby players that play for the Penrith Panthers. BIG DUDES ! So the whole time when the girls and the grandmas are wrestling I keep trying to get the dudes to go at it and do some crazy stuff so I get some entertainment. Finally, one of the dudes puts on a suit and werestles some older family member. Pretty boring, then all the sudden things get turned up a notch... the other 2 player come charging out of no where and begin drop kicking and flying arm tackling the guy in the suit. Shit went crazy as these three dudes starting murdering each other. There were a few busted noses and a few busted lips. All in all the best Sumo Suit duty yet.


Squats Till We Poop

Since my last post I have found a job. I know, it's so out of character, Mr. " I quit my job to travel the world and be a bum" has a job. But wait let me explain. Can I help it that it is my predetermined genetic destiny to work in the job that I have. Can I help it that I have tried my whole life to avoid this job that I have. Can I help it that I moved to another continent to get a masters degree to avoid this job that I have. No... I can't ! Genetic predispositon: 1. Me: 0.

What's this job. I am a Slushie machine guy. I work for a small party hire company called Cocktail King located in Edgecliff. I am the guy that prepares the slushie mixes ( alcoholic and non) , prepares the machines, and delivers them to functions and peoples houses. In actuality, it is an amazing job. I work with 3 other guys including the owner and it is a laid back gig where I get to drive a big ass van full of slushie mixes and machines around all of sydney making peoples parties better. And it pays good.


I can't get enough of the Peter Rosenberg Show. Podcasts are amazing and I am glad the RL introduced me to them. I get a little slice of home automatically updated in my iTunes every morning. Pretty cool. Speaking of RL, check out his blizzog... that jounx is getting better and better every post.... and its blowing up.


The Footy just started here. It's a fun time, Autumn has arrived and NRL, AFL and Rugby Union are all starting. It's good for me because all my local teams from back home are useless. However, the Wests Tigers wont the NRL Premiership last season and the Sydney Swans won the AFL Premiership. So all local teams here are defending champs and since I watched them win last year, I look forward to watching them defend their titles.

Oh yeah, I have been trying to get into the NBL as well. But it is not the same. The only reason I will support it is because there is a team called the Brisbane Bullets. Oh thats gonna be jersey purchase for sure !

Redonkulous Linker and McDonkerton: Check this out.


Most of you probably don't know this, but along with being an artist/designer/superhero I am a huge graffiti fan. Turns out I moved to the right country for that. Graffiti culture is very recognized in OZ and is everywhere. There are a huge number of galleries in Sydney and the eastern suburbs designated to street art. Actually, Melbourne ( mel-burn) is the "Stencil Graffiti Capital". There is a Stencil Festival being held there in a few weeks, I will defintiely try to make that. Will keep you posted ( as if you really want me to).


Best use of Alcohol and email goes to my little Brown Buddy K-dizzle ( half of the Brown Guy Express had a guest blog back in June of 2005). Please read below.






Keep up the good work man !


Check out this website. One of the best, most intense, interactive sites I have ever seen. Makes me want to just give up... why bother when this is being done. Amazing. Litfuse Designs


Mardi Gras is Gay

Yesterday was Sydney's Mardi Gras. I have never seen that many tranies and gay people in my entire life. It was pretty bizzare. Apparently it's the second biggest gay pride/mardi gras thing in the world, behind SF. Rather than take part in the gay festivities some of our friends had a Mardi Gras party. In this country all parties have a theme. You can't just show up and drink. Most people have dress up parties ( simialr to our Halloween). Me being too cool for school and playing the "I didn't know, I'm American" card again got by with out too much harassment. The party was awesome. The dudes throwing the party were all dressed up in pink hot pants and small tight shirts. Prett gay... pretty Mardi Gras... pretty funny. The party was BYOB, which means that if you show up, late like we did, everyone will drink your stash of beer from the tub because they've already drank all theirs. This happens all the time, so me being the alcoholic that I am brought along a fifth of JB as back up. Sure enough the beer was gone... and I starting swilling back the JB. I also proceeded to pour it down peoples throats and then yelling at them for being pussies and not thinking about bring their own back up plan.

This is the most unorganized post in the history of the world. That's what happens when you drink til 5 am. I'm a bit out of it. Sorry. To make up for this awful post I give you pics...


Went to TropFest last Sunday. It's a huge outdoor short film festival. We got there about 5, it started raining at 7, the films started at 8, we left at 8:45, and there was a huge thunderstorm by 8:47. No cabs were stopping for us cause we were soaking wet so we walked a couple miles back to the house in pouring rain. That was one of the worst storms ever, a person died because there car got swept of the road due to massive flooding. Nuts.


This is the coolest thing ever. Simpsons live action opening sequence.


I put some more picks up on Flickr. Check 'em out.


Youlikedags...youknowdags ?

So school is about to start ( I know I have been saying that for a while but seriously this time - 10 days), but I just got back from my vacation from vacation. Is it really necessary for me to take a vacation from the city (with 5 beaches within 10 minutes) to a place 12 hours north with 3 huge beaches.

The answer: Yes !

Byron Bay could quite possibly be the greatest place on earth. JJ and I drove up there for a few day, I got up there in a straight 10 hour shot. I was driving solo because she doesn't have a license. What ? 24 year old with out a license ?

It was a great time met lots of people and got drunk with strangers, which is always fun. Met a group of Irish dudes who were high-larious. They spoke just like Brad Pitt from Snatch ! And it never got old, the drunker I got the cooler it sounded. And after a while I even understood a 1/4 of what they were saying. Wish I had subtitles though.

Byron Bay is famous for a little hippie town called Nimbin that's about 35 mins out west from the bay. Needless to stay we stopped by there on our way back. Bought some "goods" from an old grandma slangin' on the streets. Actually everyone was slanging on the streets. It was quite weird . Coming from a non-hippy part of the world, I always associate street slangers with trouble or fiends. Well, they were definitely doped out people slanging, but they were genuinely nice.

Now I'm actually trying to focus on being a designer again, have some projects in the works... 2 websites and a catalog thingy. More on that as it unfolds.


The Winter Oly's started. Pretty cool I guess, not gonna say much because The Redonkulous Linker pretty much has my opinion covered. But we did watch the snowboarding at my house because my roommate and her boyfriend are into it ( apparently so is the rest of the OZ). I enjoyed it, glad to see the US of A spanked everyone. That dude Shawn White is pretty sick.


The VP shot someone... pretty cool ! What's even funnier is that the guy has a lead pellet lodged in the wall of his heart and will probably die... hahahahaha.....uuuhhh.... Seriously? What the Fark ?


I got approached by a guy at the gym today, and no not the normal "what's your sign" and "wanna meet for a coffee later" way, about competitive powerlifting. Damn, just when I thought I was out... it pulls me back in ! Knowing my history of being prone to huge injuries leading to massive surgeries and tons of rehab... I shouldn't even consider it. But then I saw this....

Holy Hell that is amazing ! I would tear both pecs and get a hernia at the same to be able to earn a jacket with that logo on the back ! huh...huh... who is with me ?
Anyway, we'll see what happens. I'll check it out... but honestly I am so weak right now because of the pec surgery I had and the booze. But mostly the pec injury and not the constant state of drunkness I have been in for the last 7 months. I mean a good workout is a good workout... even if your hungover during it and have to take breaks in between sets to go vomit.
Plus I am exploring new avenues now... like yoga and pilates and spin classes. I heard pilates and yoga really help increase bone density and flexibility. Isn't that fascinating ! Who knew !


Oh yeah, and I cut all my hair off. It's all gone. I was done with it.. too hot in this place for luscious locks like mine. Fresh start.


Scooby Doo Can Doo Doo... But Jimmy Carter is Smarter

Oh man, I finally got Mongo back. I felt so incomplete without him but now I am back to reading/writing my blogs, dl'ing music and pron, and just surfing the rumors on the internets.

There will be more frequent posts now


I just bought Wedding Crashers yesterday and have already watched it 3 times ( once with commentary). That movie is HIGH-larious. Another stellar addition to that camps collection of classics.


Went on a dl'ing rampage. Finally got my hands on the new Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins album Rabbit Furcoat. I like it. Don't love it yet, but I am sure as I keep it on repeat on my iTunes I will love it. Her vocals are AMAZING ! I think I am in love with Jenny Lewis.


Good news for all you Jay-Z fans. Just read this from the kids over at ughh.com :

The ol' rumor mill is churning out some goodness these days. A source close to UGHH.com who works for Dr. Dre's production team out in L.A. has announced that the good doctor is going to be producing a majority of Jay-Z's upcoming LP. Yep, you read right; Jay-Z's upcoming LP. Rumors of Jay's return to the game have been rampant since the moment he announced his retirement, but the source confirms that Jay-Z has already laid down at least two Dr. Dre laced tracks for the LP, and states that the tracks are molten lava! Of course, nothing has been confirmed officially from either camp. If the rumor proves true, prepare for the Jiggaman to shut down the game in the oh-six.

Can't wait, sounds delightful.


You guys have to check out the Post Show. It's from the My Blog is Poop guys. The shorts are amazing !


So my summer holidays are coming to a close in a few weeks. I have actually been on break since Nov. 9th and school doesn't start back up until Feb 27th. I know it sounds great, going to the beach all day and drinking at night. Days blurring together, having no concept of date or time. Well let me tell you... it's not great... it's fan-fucking-tastic ! God bless being a student.


What a SUCK !

Alright it's been forever. Reason- My laptop died ! Hard drive crashed.

Had a good new years. Short dog and Ahsen were here. A blast ! Lot's of drunk shenanigans.

Will report more once/if I get my laptop back.