If You Design It... They Will Come.

This has probably been the longest hiatus that this blog has seen, but I do have a good excuse. I had to finish up my masters degree !

Yup it is official… I am a Masta of Mothafuckin’ Design ! What ever I touch instantly turns into an aesthetically pleasing, fully justified, functional marvel. Hey it’s a big responsibility, but I’m the man for it.

Over the past 3 semester I have created a lot of stuff,but these 2 objects are the ones I enjoyed conceptualizing and creating the most. Also, I became very involved with these 2 and that's why I am so satisfied with the end results.


F209 Light

The design of the F209 Light is minimal in aesthetic and material use. The shape consists of 2 hollow conical forms that rest upon each other at the tapered ends . The seam where the 2 cones meet is connected with a piece of opal white perspex (plexiglass), which is in place to enhance the seam and accentuate the separation of the two forms through its illumination

The F209 Light is made up of completely recycled materials. The body of the light is created from old newsprint found at COFA. Once unwanted paper is collected, it is put through a pulping and reforming process to create the conical shapes that I used for the lamp. During the pulping process, the paper is mixed with an organic and non-toxic wheat paste that helps it reach a workable consistency. As a clay-like consistency, the paper is then reshaped by using a positive mould.

At the end of it's life cycle the paper forms can be broken back down to the original paper pulp state to be reproduced into another light or composted.

Puzzle !The Puzzle! Plates are tableware with an interactive twist. Most highly design tableware collections are serious and snobby. These plates break that boring trend by being functional and fun. The plates fit into each other from any side. The Puzzle ! line is constructed with stoneware ceramic and comes in white with an option of turquoise and lavender accents.

Stay tuned for more…