Youlikedags...youknowdags ?

So school is about to start ( I know I have been saying that for a while but seriously this time - 10 days), but I just got back from my vacation from vacation. Is it really necessary for me to take a vacation from the city (with 5 beaches within 10 minutes) to a place 12 hours north with 3 huge beaches.

The answer: Yes !

Byron Bay could quite possibly be the greatest place on earth. JJ and I drove up there for a few day, I got up there in a straight 10 hour shot. I was driving solo because she doesn't have a license. What ? 24 year old with out a license ?

It was a great time met lots of people and got drunk with strangers, which is always fun. Met a group of Irish dudes who were high-larious. They spoke just like Brad Pitt from Snatch ! And it never got old, the drunker I got the cooler it sounded. And after a while I even understood a 1/4 of what they were saying. Wish I had subtitles though.

Byron Bay is famous for a little hippie town called Nimbin that's about 35 mins out west from the bay. Needless to stay we stopped by there on our way back. Bought some "goods" from an old grandma slangin' on the streets. Actually everyone was slanging on the streets. It was quite weird . Coming from a non-hippy part of the world, I always associate street slangers with trouble or fiends. Well, they were definitely doped out people slanging, but they were genuinely nice.

Now I'm actually trying to focus on being a designer again, have some projects in the works... 2 websites and a catalog thingy. More on that as it unfolds.


The Winter Oly's started. Pretty cool I guess, not gonna say much because The Redonkulous Linker pretty much has my opinion covered. But we did watch the snowboarding at my house because my roommate and her boyfriend are into it ( apparently so is the rest of the OZ). I enjoyed it, glad to see the US of A spanked everyone. That dude Shawn White is pretty sick.


The VP shot someone... pretty cool ! What's even funnier is that the guy has a lead pellet lodged in the wall of his heart and will probably die... hahahahaha.....uuuhhh.... Seriously? What the Fark ?


I got approached by a guy at the gym today, and no not the normal "what's your sign" and "wanna meet for a coffee later" way, about competitive powerlifting. Damn, just when I thought I was out... it pulls me back in ! Knowing my history of being prone to huge injuries leading to massive surgeries and tons of rehab... I shouldn't even consider it. But then I saw this....

Holy Hell that is amazing ! I would tear both pecs and get a hernia at the same to be able to earn a jacket with that logo on the back ! huh...huh... who is with me ?
Anyway, we'll see what happens. I'll check it out... but honestly I am so weak right now because of the pec surgery I had and the booze. But mostly the pec injury and not the constant state of drunkness I have been in for the last 7 months. I mean a good workout is a good workout... even if your hungover during it and have to take breaks in between sets to go vomit.
Plus I am exploring new avenues now... like yoga and pilates and spin classes. I heard pilates and yoga really help increase bone density and flexibility. Isn't that fascinating ! Who knew !


Oh yeah, and I cut all my hair off. It's all gone. I was done with it.. too hot in this place for luscious locks like mine. Fresh start.


Scooby Doo Can Doo Doo... But Jimmy Carter is Smarter

Oh man, I finally got Mongo back. I felt so incomplete without him but now I am back to reading/writing my blogs, dl'ing music and pron, and just surfing the rumors on the internets.

There will be more frequent posts now


I just bought Wedding Crashers yesterday and have already watched it 3 times ( once with commentary). That movie is HIGH-larious. Another stellar addition to that camps collection of classics.


Went on a dl'ing rampage. Finally got my hands on the new Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins album Rabbit Furcoat. I like it. Don't love it yet, but I am sure as I keep it on repeat on my iTunes I will love it. Her vocals are AMAZING ! I think I am in love with Jenny Lewis.


Good news for all you Jay-Z fans. Just read this from the kids over at ughh.com :

The ol' rumor mill is churning out some goodness these days. A source close to UGHH.com who works for Dr. Dre's production team out in L.A. has announced that the good doctor is going to be producing a majority of Jay-Z's upcoming LP. Yep, you read right; Jay-Z's upcoming LP. Rumors of Jay's return to the game have been rampant since the moment he announced his retirement, but the source confirms that Jay-Z has already laid down at least two Dr. Dre laced tracks for the LP, and states that the tracks are molten lava! Of course, nothing has been confirmed officially from either camp. If the rumor proves true, prepare for the Jiggaman to shut down the game in the oh-six.

Can't wait, sounds delightful.


You guys have to check out the Post Show. It's from the My Blog is Poop guys. The shorts are amazing !


So my summer holidays are coming to a close in a few weeks. I have actually been on break since Nov. 9th and school doesn't start back up until Feb 27th. I know it sounds great, going to the beach all day and drinking at night. Days blurring together, having no concept of date or time. Well let me tell you... it's not great... it's fan-fucking-tastic ! God bless being a student.