Type Tastes Good

This motion graphics sequence is awesome and fitting after the Arial vs Helveitca post ! Brilliantly executed. I love the 1950s style voice over ... the entire thing makes me feel all farm and fuzzy on the inside !

Check it out here.

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I've kept an old school plastic bottle cap opener on my key chain ever since I can remember. It might be time to let go of that little thing and move on to this ! Not only does it seem ergonomic but it can help you with stubborn twist offs as well. My only point of criticism is in the unclever title.. bottle opener by Piet Hein...come on ! I think they could of done a little better than that, but it's still a bad-ass design.
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Arial v. Helvetica

Consider yourself a design geek? We'll see about that. Thanks to the kids over at How About Orange you can take the ultimate typography quiz. This will definitely let you know where you stand. I took it and got 8 out 10 correct, not sure if I should be proud of that or not ?

Zip it up and zip it out...

Sorry for the big gap in posts... I have been swamped at the 9to5.

These cool new pieces of storage furniture give us a sweet little twist to normal treatments for opening joints. Unlike the boring straight joints, Herme Ciscar and Monica Garcia's Zip furniture have created finger joints to give the effect of zipper teeth. Subtle, cool and functional... just the way I like my stuff.They have some really cool other designs that are way outside the box.. check them out here.

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Gleaming the Kewb

This has to be THE coolest thing I've seen in a long time. The kewb is so practical and funtional that it seems too good to be true. I just wish I had this when I first moved to Sydney ! 3 of these and you can practially furnish an entire studio apartment.

This might get the SG design of the year award (I just made up that award .. but that's how kick-ass this thing is)

Make sure you check out the amazing animated instructions for the assembly options.

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Buck Shots !

Robert Langhorn's REM porcelain vase is a great concept with an even greater history...
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I never really appreciated the beauty or design qualities of Perspex until the first semester of my Masters degree. That is the first time I ever worked with the stuff and since then use it as much as possible. Everything looks better in perspex, and it's a lot easier and cheaper to work with than glass but gives a similar effect in the final product.

Timothy Ben Furniture makes an amazing pendant light that uses the same beauty and design qualities that I love in Perspex.

Behold the Shimmer...
Shimmer is available in custom sizes along with a choice of 10 frosted colors, of which you can create a gradient effect or use just one color.

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I probably shouldn't be praising my employers competition.... but I can only hope my employer allows me to create a motion graphics sequence as sweet as this ! The product isn't anyhting to write home about, but the concept and execution of the sequence is bad-ass.

Check it.


Paige Russell Interview at 2modern

I just posted my interview with designer Paige Russell over at 2modern. Check it out.


Suckity suck suck !

The 2012 London Olympics logo has just been unveiled... and it is nauseatingly bad. I know I usually only talk about things I like on here, but this thing is so bad it's needs a mention.

I hope this is just a really bad joke.... and soon there will be articles that will say "2012 London Olympics Logo Hoax: how an entire industry was fooled by the unveiling of a fake and hideous logo."from 30gms

Mix & Match This !

Every now and then I come across a design solution that has been done so kick-ya-in-the-ass good that it results in me having good design convulsions. The first stage of this includes me sweating and drooling uncontrollably due to pure amazement and the second stage is me repeatedly kicking my self in the bathing suit area because I am not apart of the conception/creation of this design....

I present to you the Mix and Match Table by Nodesign.
(please watch the whole thing in order to get the full experience)

Wholy Moly... thats good !

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