Doughnuts... is there anything they can't do

A lot of crazy Simpsons stuff is coming out of the wood works with the release of the Simpsons movie. As a Simpsons fanatic, I love it. My collections of Simpsons knick-knacks is going through the roof. Just stumbled upon this and it might take the "cake."
You can grab it here.

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The Art of Sha-Do Boxing

The Sha-do light is all about projecting cool shadows on your interiors. The Sha-do light has 15 different adjustable patterns to choose from that can be cast up to 3meters ( aprox. 10').

I think it's a great way to add another dimension to you lighting solutions.via designspotter


I used to always keep a folded sheet of paper in my back pocket for note taking when I got ideas or saw stuff that I would like to research at later time. That eventually graduated into a thicker, clunckier sketchpad which I wouldn't always have on me because it didn't easily slip into my back pocket. But now thanks to the folks at Maginwulf Studios, I will be investing in the new SketchPet.

The Sketchpet is a 150 page notebook that can easily fit on a key-ring or in the old faithful back pocket. So no more cluncky sketchpads and no more folded up sheets of paper that always find there way into the washing machine.via yanko


Breathe it out !

Wow ! That's a good looking poster with an awesome concept.
Copy: Forests are the lungs of the earth. The destruction of forests has been a fortifying factor in climate change. With millions of miles of old growth forests cleared every year, the earth is slowly suffocating under the increase of greenhouse gases'.

Buy it here.

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Show you my O-Ring Face

This week Mocoloco posted about the one of the watches from the S+arck collection with Fossil.

Being a Fossil employee I thought I'd comment.

The S+arck Veil watch is pretty cool... but my favorite one is the O-Ring Digi in White ( the black one is not as cool)

It has all the things you want in a watch:
1. Cool digi display - with hours displayed as numbers and minutes as segments
2. designed by S+arck
3. Look of a doughnut
4. and reasonably priced

Check out the entire collection here... and sorry I can't give you one of those promos like mention my name and receive 20% off.

Crunchy edges...

Things have been crazy at the 9to5 so I haven't had much time to post. Plus, I'm too cold to be productive... stupid record low cold spell !

I always though I was weird cause I liked the crunchy, overcooked parts of brownies. mmmm....crunchy

But I guess not.
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Soapy Hooks

We've all seen soap-on-a-rope... a very practical solution for hands free soapage in the great outdoors. Now bring that same sentiment indoors without making it look like a prison yard.... I present you Soap Hooks. These are vintage French soap dispensers that are aewsome for bathroom and kitchen sink areas.

I might have to invest in this because bars of soap always mysteriously disappear in my house... damn soap gnomes.

The packaging is pretty sweet as well.
You can grab them through AT

S-Unit (cont'd)

This design makes so much sense that it almost doesn't make sense ?!

What a great idea. You can fold down as many slats as you need and the rest stay up against the wall. The folded up slats can double as book ends and or just look good in all their cherry glaze finish.from materialicious


J. Rothman

These are some INTENSE illustrations... and her site has a great look and navigation.

Sh-sh-shelf Uuunit

I'm still trying to design a closet/shelf unit for my room/studio. But everytime I sit down and come up with something I feel like other designers have made better and cooler ones...

Exhibit A

from bltd

Exhibit B
from bltd

Exhibit C

from 2modern

Exhibit D
from bdtl

So some of these might be a LITTLE out of my price range and might not be the most logical solutions for the intended space... but they are bad ass !