I'm sure you guys are sick of hearing about Shepard Fairey on this blog, well too bad. I heart him and I'm going to keep posting about him and his awesome work.

Syd Garon & Paul Griswold utilise the artwork of Shepard Fairey for this video for Money by N.A.S.A (featuring David Byrne, Chuck D, Ras Congo, Seu Jorge & Z-Trip).



I don't know much about the super talented crea8ivmike - but I just found his gig poster photostream on flickr. His posters are friggin' amazing! Good work dude.


Daft Type Punk




Saks Propaganda

Last week I saw the images of the new Saks Fifth Ave campaign for its catalogs and collateral and instantly thought that Shepard Fairey was somehow behind it. After reading this NY Times article... I was right, Fairey is the man behind it.

I'm not gonna taint this career move as "selling out." I'm going to commend Saks on hiring kick-ass, relevant designers like Fairey, Michael Beirut and Marian Bantjes to help improve their image and marketing collateral.

Now that Fairey is in the National Portrait Gallery, we know he's not really desperate for clients and I'm sure this is a properly calcualted (and funded) move.

I'm not hating... good on ya!

Child Soldiers

Prety effective graphics by John St. for helpchildsoldiers.com.


Sling Stories

These are bad ass graphics for a sling. If you're injury is caused by any of the four methods displayed below, then you're in luck!



The A Holes

This is awesome. What type nerd wouldn't want this ?

See the rest of the work here.




Gary Hustwit, the guy who brought us the awesome documentaries on Wilco & Helvetica, is bringing us another bad ass doco on object design called Objectified. What better way to start 2009 than with the trailer for the flick. Check it out here at Giznmodo.