GO Forth!

The new Levi's "Go Forth" campaign is amazing. The "OPioneers" commercials for the campaign is really powerful. I love how well the voice over and the imagery gel together even though they are representative of two completely separate eras. Walt Whitman + young hipsters running around = me wanting to enlist in the military and fight for my country... WEIRD!

The campaign was done by ad agency Wieden + Kennedy, Portland to help revive the idea of Levi's as the quintessential all-American denim brand... and I think it is really effective.

The print campaign is also quite powerful, thanks to the photography of Ryan McGinley. The imagery is really strong, non-traditional compositions and artistic without taking the focus off the product, which people forget about a lot in todays ads. Also, the typography is beautifully done.



Dirt Nap

Love this !
by Carl Bender