Fatboys are the new black...

Designers are finally starting to show some love for the subcontinental giant sized population… ta da… the Fatboy Furniture Collection.
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I have just been introduced to the amazing work of Kim Westad. She is a graphic designer turned ceramicist. Not only is her work great but her story makes me want to quit my 9to5 as a graphic designer and pursue my passion for ceramics. Kim if you somehow read this, give me a holler… I wanna pick your brain.

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Since RSJ is no longer blogging, I have to go out and find my own tips for making my internet/computer usage more efficient. For all you Firefoxers out there, this post by Life Hacker is awesome. Peep it…


We bout to blast ooofffff.

Who says matchbooks have to be boring and old school, well I do. I’ve never seen a matchbook and said to myself “that’s a cool matchbook,” to think of it I’ve never seen a matchbook and though anything because they are irrelevant in my life. Some how the folks at Feel Addicted figured out my feelings (or non-feelings) towards this object and completely made it a fine designed object that has taken center stage. The Lucifer match dispenser allows you to shake out a match, and as you pull it out of the dispenser lights it. No more fumbling around and hiding in the corner to light it, you pull out an already lit match…. and it looks bad ass to boot. from notcot


Marge: Look Homer! The number on the house is spelled out in letters!
Homer: Get used to it Marge, from now on we're going to spell everything with letters

That’s right, tired of being caught in the never-ending battle of choosing spelled out house numbers or scripty non-spelled out house numbers… well break the mo(u)ld with Umbra’s new number system. These numbers are pretty sweet looking, and they have adjustable tabs so you can punch the holes you need for your address. Also, since only 3.25 people read this friggin blog, I guarantee that no one in your neighborhood has these.

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I remember as a small child, wait sorry I was never small, as a young child I used to love stacking mom and pops furniture to make cars, boats and the occasional rocket. Well, apparently so did Janus et Cie because her design of the Obelisk Chair does just that. A set of multi-purpose furniture pieces made of polyethylene with a powder-coated aluminum frame that can be stacked to make a giant rocket/storage formation when not in use.

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This laptop sleeve is perfect for protecting your shiny little laptops and still adhering to the company dresscode.

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Honeycomb Hideout...

Grommet Hole Accessories.

Belkins grommet hole covers bring all the nerds to the yard. These things are awesome. Grommet holes are such an eye sore in your fake wood desk. But now, thanks to Belkin, we can utilize these eye sores with a nerdy, IT twist. Belkin has designed grommet hole covers with a built in iPod docking station and another version with 4 USB ports ( angled and flat ) This would be a great highlight when you put photos of your desk in with On Your Desk

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Honeycomb Shelves.

I’ve been designing a new shelving unit for my bedroom. Something customized for my wardrobe area because normal people shelves hold about 2 Subcontinental Giant sized shirts.

While looking around for other designers solutions I virtually ran into the folks at Unto This Last.

I thing they have some great, contemporary solutions for shelving. I especially like the Honeycomb shelves.from itotallyloveit.com

Herman Miller Design history

I’m bitter, this is the equivalent of every design history class I ever took across the span of 2 friggin’ higher education degrees. Oh well, now you can get a little dose of design history.

Origami Plate Set

Fun, innovative and well designed… that’s how I like my tableware. Robin Platt executes this perfectly in his new Oragami set.

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I think I wanna wife her....

My Future Wife

This has to be the nerdiest design thing ever. And guess what… I friggin love it and plan on ordering the set of The Ladies of the Baseline ! Typographical genius. Kudos to Matt Sutter for being my hero.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hackney Shelf

Here’s an ingenious idea that blurs the boundaries between furniture design, graffitti and conceptual fine art. London designer Ryan Frank strategically places white boards at various points in east London and waits for illicit decoration to begin. Frank leaves boards out for weeks until they have sufficiently “matured” into colorful pieces of street art. Once the boards have matured, they are removed and transformed into these colorful mobile shelving units - juxtaposing street art with interior environment. For the collectors out there: every piece is a completely unique slice of “recycled” Hackney street art.

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Hackney Lite

Hackney Lite is the follow-up design from Hackney Shelf. The range displays a pure white front without the graffiti and includes a large & small floor standing unit.The ‘clean canvas’ gives consumers the freedom to add their own graffiti/graphics in the privacy of their home.

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The boys over at SOZ are taking DIY furniture to the next step with their new furniture range, Re:mo. The mini carpenter’s blocks can be locked into each other to create any form that is needed. The beauty of this range is the instant availability that it offers.

Say you and Bob are lounging around in your Re:mo chairs, then suddenly Tim shows up with no where to sit. Being the gracious host that you are, you take Bob’s chair and break it down into two stool so that everyone has seat. This can apply to shelves, tables, stools or whatever you need to change to fit your current needs.

Plus they remind me a lot of the Puzzle! Plates that were created by yours truly.

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