Young Pilgrims

Apparently if you listen to the same Shins song on repeat for 3 hours straight you black out from good music overload. When you come to - you've subconsciously designed this:

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SB Hulk

I love this illustration from Will Murai.

The Other JC

This is a solid print! Would look great amongst the chaos of 27 Ridge St.


The wild things are here!

I posted about this movie a while ago on 2modern and now the wait is over - the trailer.

Brilliant! Plus I see Karen O is part of the Music team for the flick... should make it interesting. Can't wait for this to be released in theaters.


Collabo babies

What happens when a BBQ Sauce and a Shoe Co. make sweet, sweet love at one of the best live music festivals on earth... a kick-ass collabo baby pops out with amazing package design.

For those heading to SXSW, look out for Supra’s presence. Supra collaborated with Stubb’s Bar-B-Q. A definite out-of-the-box collaboration indeed but a product of the 413 series. Partnering up with Spin Magazine and Stubb’s BBQ, Supra is proud to present the Stubb’s Skytop.

The Skytop takes its name from one of the best places to eat and see live music in Austin, Texas and takes its look from their world famous barbecue sauce. To coincide with this release, we have created a special edition package that will only be sold at Stubb’s Bar-B-Q this Friday in Austin, Texas (address below).

This special edition package will include a pair of Stubb’s Skytops, a 2009 SXSW apron, a bottle of Stubb’s sauce, all inside a handmade wooden numbered box that is branded with the 2009 SXSW seal. There will be ONLY 50 boxes for sale this Friday from 10am-11am.



Skateboards with the Blues.

These are some classy decks. I would love to get these for the casa - don't think my "roommates" would be down though.via



This is being added to all Fenetik proposals and contracts from this day forth.

Flight patterns



Ninja Dry

I don't like umbrellas. I know they keep you dry and prevent awkward wet shirts at client meetings... but they're just not my style. I hate carrying them, closed or open, and I feel awkward (but I guess being soaked during a client presentation is more awkward).

Anyway, now I can finally feel like a total BAD ASS with this new Ninja Umbrella. Sling this over your non-laptop bag shoulder and you will be prepared for the rain and people will probably not mess with you either.

White Balance Lens Cap

This seems so obvious now that I've found it!

Take the guess work out of your photo's white balance post-processing with this White Balance Lens Cap. Put your camera in White Balance mode and snap a picture with the lens cap still on the camera. The camera does the rest of the wo

rk, adjusting the white balance to get true to life colors in your pictures. Especially helpful if your camera allows for white balance adjustment but does not take pictures in RAW format.

The handy lens cap replaces your old one, takes no additional space and does not get lost in your camera bag. Fortunately, it comes in a variety of sizes: 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72 and 77mm. Pick one up here.



[velvet] at The Red & The Black

Fentik's first gig poster of the year is for our favorite DC-based indie rock band - [velvet].

click image to enlarge

Come check them out next weekend and buy me a beer. Or just buy me a beer and leave... either way I'm good.

65 Modern Proverbs

You guys need to go "coptic" this book. (Ok - it's too early in the am for me to come up with funny stuff.)

This coptic bound book by Nikki Farquharson reminds me of the book-binding class I took during my postgraduate days at COFA. I think I appreciate this because I know how hard this style of binding is - not to mention how much harder it is when you have big sausage fingers like I do (book-binding - did NOT think that through).

No really, this book has some very clever content and is brilliantly designed.

"This coptic bound book is an expansion of Rebuilding Expressions. I wanted to capture the zeitgeist of today's western mentality with these revised expressions. Originally, I created approximately 40 expressions that I had to reduce to 26 for the alphabet. I wanted to use them all and create more to make a book. Sixty-five modern proverbs have been split into 7 categories."


Her Morning - stop motion - Elegance

This has some pretty cool stop motion animation. Great video and a pretty good song too.