Get Your War On

Just revisted the GYWO guys today after a year and they are still amazing.

Here is the latest one...

Also, these guy are now on tour with a GYWO play. Wish I was stateside so I could check it out.
Here is more info on that...


Gold Lion Gonna Show me Where the light is...

I totally forgot to mention this last week. But just recently The Redonklulous Linker has fullfilled 2 major steps in leaving us irresposnible children behind and becoming an adult. He purchased his very own house and also got engaged. Congratulations man!

Last week a few of my friends from the Masters of Art program had some of their work exhibited in a show titled Dissonance. Didn't get any shots of the work or the exhibition... but here are some pics from the drunken celebration that followed.


Now that the The RL is gonna be domesticized... a Wi-Fi Washer and Dryer might be a great investment so he can multitask while updating his blog for us.

Washers and dryers that link wirelessly to internet-connected home networks are being tested by consumers who are receiving updates on their dirty laundry by cell phone, computer and TV set.

Messages not only indicate when a wash is complete but also can warn that a lint filter is clogged or a load is too large. Users can remotely command the machines to fluff dry clothes or start a load from a distance after being told -- oops -- they forgot to start the wash.

(full artcle here)


The adventures of Professor Awesome-O are still continuing. Me and the Lead professor had are first grading session last Tuesday. This is when all the kids pinup there work and give a us a brief presentation/explanation of what they are trying to communicate and why. Then I had to critique and comment on each one with the kids looking at me.... wow that was tough. A lot of the times I just wanted to say "look, save your parents money and just drop out of this program now because your work makes my eyes bleed" but instead i had to say, " I like the direction you're going in, try to focus a little more on blank and blank, but good work". Bollocks !

Grading art is a lot harder than I thought. I have a lot more respect for all the professors that graded my crap in the past and actually gave me positive feedback.

But as the grading went on ( for 2 hours ) there was a consistent pattern where I was bad cop and the other professor was good cop. I think we made for a good team, and hopefully this will help the kids prepare for the next assessment.


Get on The Grind Like Clockwork

Alright, it's been 4 months !

Things done changed... so I'll get right into it.

I am 4 weeks into my final semester of the Master of Design program at UNSW. Yup, that's right. I'll have Masters degree by mid-November. I'm awesome ! Last semester went well, I had some great work through my classes and my grades ( marks ) were pretty damn good.


I went home after last semester, and it was solid. Good to see everyone, and realize things really aren't that different in a year. Except all my friends are progessively getting older and more responsible while I'm regressing in that area of life. Oh well, someone's gotta do it. The whole month back home was a big blur, long nights drinking and even longre days recovering while consuming as much cable TV as I possibly could. Lot's of reality shows and ESPN.


Last time you guys tuned in, I was working for Slushie King Australia. Yeah, that's not happening anymore. I graciously bowed out of the Slushie industry, even though I am brown it just wasn't for me. This leads me to one of my new jobs. I am currently the "Assistant Lecturer" at my University, the College of Fine Arts. I am teaching freshman design studio. So I am a member of Acedemia with a Staff card and priveledges along with a parking spot in the staff lot. I'm Awesome !

The other day I told a kid to call me Professor Awesome ! He looked at me and said "Are you serious ?" then I laughed and said "no, I'm just kidding.... but seriously... if you want to you can call me that."

This is gonna be amazing !


Now on to job number 2. I just started this job last week. I am the new "Design Consultant" for Directflights.com.au. It's a pretty good gig. I get to help improve the user interface and user experience for the company site before its full B2C launch in a few months. It's kinda weird to be back in the corporate world again after a year, but hey, it's a resume builder. Even though I am back in an office, I am not conforming to the rules. For my interview I wore a dirty t-shirt and my AIIIR Force Ones ! WOrd. I keep it Gangsta in corporate Sydney. Yesterday, we had a meeting with the site developer, and I was one of 5 people in the meeting. The difference, they all had on nice expensive suits and shiny shoes while I was rocking a blue hoody with Converse. Word ! Gangsta. Keepin' it real !


Just finished watching the first season of Ricky Gervais' new show Extras. It is hilarious. In the past few months I have become obsessed with Gervais. His podcast is brilliant as well, definitely check that out. Also, he wrote and starred in a Simpsons episode as well where he played his character from the Office. The guy is high-larious.