So it happened. I finally watched my first NFL game in OZ. I was pretty pissed, and going through withdrawls, after missing opening day and the Skins game. But it I gotta fix on Tuesday morning.

So MNF here is actually Tuesday Morning Football. A 9:00 pm kickoff at home is at 11:00 am in Sydney. I had a class until 12 and afterwards I ran over to meet Dumpy at a bar downtown called Cheers. No Coach, Sam,Woody and the rest the crew were not there. But the place did have a huge TV with the Eagles / Falcons game on. Started boozing immediatley and for the frst time in my life Madden's voice was music to my ears.

There were other Americans there as well, met another Skins fan from Potomac. An Eagles fan who just moved to Sydney the day before with his Aussie wife. Also 3 college kids studying a semester abroad. And a Canuck who is from Vancouver that likes the Dolphins and really impressed me with his knowledge of American football. All in all, I had a blast watching the Eagles lose and I drank steadily at an alarming rate. By 3, the time my evening class started, I was hammer timed and decided to not go to class and keep drinking.

**Note: If you guys ever go to Cheers in Sydney and order a hamburger, please specify that you want meat in the hamburger and not just a shit load of vegetables between the buns.

Then I met up with some friends and went to go see Willy Wonka. Good movie however I did fall asleep during the movie and started snoring. Also, I lost Bilal. He was so wasted he was going from theater to theater trying to find Wedding Crashers.

Then we went back to the Canadian apt and I proceeded to drink everything ! Over the past 2 weeks I have accumulated a nice collection of liquor over at the Canadians place. A little Jim, some Rum and Vodka. Yeah I killed my entire collection in one sitting. Gross. Rum / Vodka and cranberry sounds like a great drink after 10 hours of drinking but not so money the next morning.

Tonight I am headed over to Bondi Junction with the Canadians and meeting more canadians at a pregame session at their house. Then we're off to the ...eeehhheemm... get this... The Cock and Bull ! How great is that. When I found out we were going there, I was running around all last night inviting evreryone I saw to the Cock and Balls on Bondi. I know, I am 10.

Will update with pics from a long night at the Cock and Balls.


Best... Song... Ever...

Best song ever to listen to while creating games in Flash MX for class.

Title: Debra
Artist: Beck
Album: Midnte Vultures

I'm quite positive that everyone who reads this jounx already has it and loves it but justin case... sample.


BushWalk - Beach BBQ - Booze - Bars

Last Thursday I met 2 really cool Canadian girls while eating at a Chinese joint by my house. I know.. I know... cool Canadians is an oxymoron. But they are cool. They thought I was Canadian and asked me, upon me saying no they gave a huge sigh and went on with their business. While I was leaving I sparked up conversation with them in hopes to prove that not all Americans are as bad as they think. After a few minutes of conversation I invited them to my local watering hole across the street from my place ( Bar Cleveland ) for drinks. They seemed hesitant so I said that if they want to join us they can, if not no worries. So Bilal and I went to Bar Cleveland and 15 mins later they showed up. Fun times were had by all as we talked over chilled beer. Then one of them invited me to a Bush Walk with her and 12 other Canadians, so I agreed.

Saturday morning I get up at 8:30 to go meet them for the Bush Walk. Meanwhile I had only gone to bed a few hours earlier after a long night of binge drinking. So in my hungover state I caught a cab down to Hyde Park to meet them. The bush walk was a 4 hour hike around the peninsula of Manly beach that is about 10 km. ( here is a map) It was tough at first because I was hungover and it was raining, but hour 2 of the hike everything cleared up including my headache. Then once we got to Manly we all went to the store and bought booze and BBQ stuff. We grilled and drank on the beach for a while and then took a ferrie ( no homo ) back to the city and went to St. Pat's tavern ( on my recommendation ). I had a great time and made some good new friends.

And now pictures...