I Heart Adam McKay.

I've had a love affair with the humor and writings of Adam Mckay since his days on Saturday Night Live. Then Anchorman came out and the love was fortified ! This guy might be one of the funniest men I have ever seen.

He just wrote a marvelous article on Huffinton Post that is definitely worth a read.

Also, if you have the Anchorman DVD, check out the commentary feature where you get a good dose of McKay and Ferrell just shooting the shit and being funny as can be.

McKay Interview.


Art making a difference.

Today I went to a fundraising event called "Art for Amnesty" at the Human Rights Center. The main reason I went was to see [velvet] perform an acoustic set. They did a kick ass job. However, I finally got a chance to see Anu Yadav perform. She performed monologues from her one woman play called Caper's. It puts a spotlight on the gentrification issues facing DC's public housing. She only did 2 five minute pieces, but they were impressive ! I need to go see her entire play next time she performs.

Washington Post has a article and video (click on "A Neighborhood Drama"). Check her out.


Three Men and a Badass Song !

Common's new album is set to release tomorrow. He has 2 solid singles out right now, "The Corner" and "Go." I am sure you guys have heard "The Corner", its has a catchy baseline/chorus by Kanye West and the video has the "Panic Room" look to it. I just had the pleasure of seeing the video of "Go" today, and let me tell you, as a designer I was impressed.

The video is directed by Kanye West and uses a lot of different design elements. It has great use of typography and motion graphics. The song/video is about Common's fantasies in the bedroom and the types of women he would like to enjoy. The typography appears with each woman and the motion graphics accompany the women. Along with this, there are random abstract designs placed in the background which really give it the retro/throwback look that Common loves to have in his videos.

Now here's the kicker. The song itself is produced by Kanye West. However, there is a third artist involved in this project. John Mayer is the one who came up with concept for the song, about having Common rap about his fantasies. Also, Mayer lays down guitar in the song along with the chorus. All in all, this song is damn good and the video made me enjoy the song even more ( I forgot to mention all the gorgeous chocolate honey's in the video ).

I've really enjoyed the advance copy of Common's BE album, and I can't wait to get the final version tomorrow when it is out in stores.

To watch the video click here.


Shocks...Pegs....Lucky !

General Motors has branched out into the exciting world of bicycles. The official "Cadillac of Bicycles" is now available at a high-end bike dealer near you. I see a lot of great ad campaigns in the future for Cadillac Bikes. Can you imagine the accessories kids are gonna put on these things. Bikes with spinners, TV's in the handle bars, Fuzzy dice on the front, names emroidered in the seats, and chromed out grillz. I can't wait. Way to get them started early.... kids we know you can't drive our 'Sclades or 'Villes... so ask your parents to throw $2-3k into our badass, baller bikes. Number one in the hood G ( in the 'burbs also ). I just preordered mine, accessories soon to be listed. I can't decide on the font for the embrodery !


2 Wong's make it white.

This morning while I was getting ready for work and suiting up in my business casual attire, I noticed a horrifying thing. My royal blue button-up shirt was covered in mysteriously large oil stains. Since I just pulled this shirt out of the drycleaners bag, I was furious at the dry cleaners. I immediately ran downstairs to the drycleaners and asked them to explain this stain.

Next thing I know, I am being verbally assaulted like an American soldier in Da Nang. She is screaming at the top of her lungs in half English and half Viatnamese.
I keep hearing, "Oyo Stain" and "Alleady Theya" Holy Ho Chi Minh City!
So I asked her again, "Are you saying this stain was already there when I brought it in?"
Her response "No, No.. this oyo stain".
No shit it's an oil stain, but it wasn't there when I brought it in ?!
"Not my faut...not my faut....can't fix"
I say,"Please try to fix it since you guys put the stain there, I understand everyone can have accidents."
She says nothing and hands me a recipt with a $4.55 charge on it.
Now I am furuois. They want me to pay for their mistake. I crumple up the receipt and throw it on the floor. Then I take the damn shirt, roll it up and throw it at her. I yell, "KEEP IT!" and walk out.

Good thing there are 3 other drycleaners right next to that one. Let's just hope they aren't all friends and black list me.


"The Pec" (patent pending)

Music is awesome. It stimulates the mind in so many ways. I need music to sleep. That is how I discover music that I truly enjoy from music that is eh, alright.

Recently I discovered a band called The Go! Team. At first, they seem decent. But I gave their album the sleep test. Now they have a deeper meaning to me and my current life experiences.

While recovering from my Pectoral surgery, one day when I was all hopped up on pain killers I put on The Go! Team while taking a nap. The outcome was amazing. I had a glorious hallucination that was a synergistic effect of a. the music b. the drugs and c. my deep down subconscious need to see myself as a Super Hero.

The basis of the hallucination ( or vision) was that post-surgery I discovered that I now have super human powers in my left pectoral. So now all of the sudden I am "The Pec". During the beginning of the album I am still in the discovery phase of my new special powers. Then tracks 3-4 I am going crazy around town with my new powers and having fun while simultaneous working on a royal blue, onsie to strut around in. Finally, the track Junior Kickstart begins along with my magnificent emergence as "The Pec" in all my glory. Leading into a well put together montage of me fighting crime with my new identity. The later tracks go into, as most super hero's go through, my identity crisis. I can't handle the pressures of the 2 identities and keeping my 2 new worlds separated. Then towards the end of the album I lose my powers and go into a deep depression. Only being happy at the bottom of a bottle in a dark, dirty bar ( not to far fetched from reality). Then I realize that life is short and I must live it to the fullest. I discover that you can't ruin your future by trying to relive the past. Then when Everyone's a VIP to Someone comes on, I am frolicking through a field of marigolds with the wind blowing in my hair as I wrestle with a cute little puppy.

God I love drugs.


23 Skiddoo

So Chief Ike's was absolutely horrible last night. I actually only stayed for 15 minutes. I walk in and try to get a beer but the bartender looks through me every time. I finally yell... " 2 Corona's please" and he shakes his head, mumbles and proceeds to make mixed drinks for other people. At that time, I walked out and had to really restrain myself from jumping across the bar and Hogan leg dropping the bartender. The Chief broke my heart !
So we regrouped at the Mill. A good crew gathered and we were off to the Blue Room. In a nutshell, a little expensive with a twist of pretentiousness but the scene was good. The females were hot, the music was nice. So instead of celebrating cinco de mayo like dirty sanchez I spent most of the night like a light skinneded richie rich. eh, whatayagonnado.

Wizards are playing tonight at 8. Hopefully the fat lady will sing for the Bulls season tonight. Wish the Wiz Kids a lot of luck.


Wait... there is a "NEW" Mexico ?

Alright...alright..alright. It is cinco de mayo. ok, wait... does anybody else think its weird that in Mexico they sell fifths of mayonnaise ?

Going out boozing tonight. Hit up a little place called Chief Ikes Mambo Room... you guys might have heard about it. I am kind of a big deal there. Where else would a 25 year old Indian male go to celebrate the Mexican victory over the French.... at a bar that is named after President Eisenhower as a Native American Chief who owns a room for Latin dances. Not to mention PBR on tap. I would do the normal deal and say, hey guys try to make it out if you can. But guess what, nobody fucking reads this.