Check out my post on the Flow System over at 2modern.


Innovative CD packaging

This is an AMAZING design solution for a CD case and artwork by Rethink. Making the album for Vonnegut Dollhouse into a.... dollhouse. Brilliant !


The folks over at Rethink have sent me shots of the photo shoot for this kick ass design... check them out here.
Makes the whole thing a lot cooler when you see the process leading up to the finished product! Once again, great work Rethink!

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Banana Wheels make the world go round !

Out of the box ! new way to display your table top fruit displays with these fruit vessels by Belgian designer Helena Schepens.

That banana one is AWESOME ! Banana wheels are the new black... ya heard !
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Check out the tweed hotness from drunknbutterfly
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Early Start

Blue Ant Studio is creating an awesome set of alphabet cards for their baby. All the letters of the alphabet are represented by famous designers or famous designed objects....

I think there will be a poster of this available soon... you better believe I'm grabbing one of those.


The buzz on the internets for these flash cards was crazy ! So Joel at Blue Ant has created posters for sale. Grab them here.

Umbrella Pot

The kids over at Kyouei Designs have some cool objects but the Umbrella Pot is the best !

Back from the North

Alright folks, back in full effect down in Sydney. The vacation was good. It was great to relax with my fam and get drunk with my friends. Also, congrats to Mr. & Mrs. RDL on their marriage... had a blast at the wedding!



Hey kids, sorry I have been missing in action for a while... I flew home to DC a few days back and surpirsed the hell out my folks. It was great... nothing like almost giving your parents a heart attack by knocking on the their door at midnight. It's good to be back and I'm gonna enjoy myself. Will get back to posting as soon as I get back.