Lacoste Red

The new Lacoste Red campaign is ridiculously effective! The concept and the execution is amazing... it's branded perfectly and goes along with the classically fresh look of the line.

I'm not a big fan of Lacoste - not because I don't like their clothes... but because as a Subcontinental(dot)Giant - their sizes run a bit...er... small for me**. But still, this campaign is amazing and I tip my (non) Lacoste hat to them.

Check out the cool stop-motion website - Lacoste Red Website

I just need a verification from the official fashion guru of SdotG... Mark ?

** to be honest I do own a pair of Lacoste shoes... but don't tell anyone.


Google Map Type

This has been making its rounds on the internets for a few days now, but I had to post about it since it is so DAMN impressive. Rhett Dashwood, of Melbourne AUS, searched high and low through Google maps for these amazing typographic finds - good on ya mate.


Methane Studios

Methane Studios is awesome ! I wish I could work with/for them. Come on jeebus...make it happen!



These are pretty bad-ass postcards/prints by hand drawn creative... would look good in my office.

Grab them here.


Wait... There's a NEW deal ?!

Pretty awesome stuff ...

"Neville Brody and his team at Research Studios have designed a new typeface named “New Deal” for the upcoming Michael Mann film “Public Enemies”, starring Johnny Depp and Christian Bale.

The typeface is inspired by the 1930’s era typography but with a modern edge and is being used for the one-sheet and film trailer.

It has a very nice industrial feel to it, almost along the lines of Soviet style typography".



This makes me want to disappear... again.



"Eye" Obey

New Obey poster...
Grab it at ObeyGiant.com

Nalgene Flask

The ultimate traveling accessory!
Grab it here.

Just in Time

The 2009 MLB season is in full swing and these little numbers can help you cheer (or cry for) your favorite teams in a stylish-uninhibited fashion.

Gran them here.



This is a pretty cool shirt - I'd clock in somewhere between the tree and the turtle.

Grab it at Threadless.



Good Design Prevents Cavities

This is a simple and VERY creative design solution for a dentist's business card.

I'm a little bitter that I didn't make it!

Designed by
Michael Häne.


If I was a robot...

This is hilarious! Makes me want to be a robot (...even more).

Made by Alex Noriega.