Very Merry Happy...

Alright kids... I'm gonna take a break from S.dot.G until January of 2009. If you can't go that long without my awesomeness (and I know it's hard) in your daily life then you can check me out this Tuesday, and next Tuesday, at 2modern... or shoot me an email and I'll send you a private design-licious post.

Here is a little card from all of us at Fenetik Design: Happy Holidays!


10 Best Typfaces '08

Visual Evasion has just posted their top 10 best typfaces of 2008. Check them out here.

I need a little FF Netto & Soho Gothic in my life... immediately.

FF Netto
Soho Gothic

The Vladimir

Check out the Vladimir Pallet Mirror made out of old shipping pallets! Who says rough and unfinished isn't the new black! (not me)

Millions of pallets are used everyday to move goods across the world. Many times, these pallets come from exotic locations and are made from native exotic woods. But through shipping and clumsy handling, many of these pallets are damaged. A lot of the time they are simply discarded after use. These beautiful samples of another world typically turn into landfill or mulch.

This mirror was made using two partially destroyed shipping pallets. The scars on the lumber tell a story of its travels. While the form is reminiscent of old victorian french mirrors, its origin is far from gold leaf.

The Vladimir is available on commission, please contact Karl Zahn with all inquiries.



Anarky For ever

I had to share this amazing photograph.



The Small Stakes with big rewards.

The Small Stakes is a design studio that comes up with some amazing work. They have a cool little promotion going on for prints during the month of December: Buy any 2 posters and you'll receive an additional poster of their choice for free. (all their work is amazing so your guaranteed a winner)

(These images are to entice my friend at SOD)

You can check out and buy all of their work here.



New Sweater

Dan MCarthy creates some amazing prints and illustrations. This is his latest print which is clever and brilliantly done.Check out the rest of his work here.


Time to Power up.

Digging this illustration of Power up Mushrooms by Poked Studio.

"found these power-up mushrooms in my garden, and thought I'd find out what powers they gave me...burp! inspired by the power -up mushrooms found in many video games such as super mario world.


Sweet Honda Music

This commercial for Honda was shot out in Cali, where they routed out patterns of grooves in the road so when the Civic drove over them it would make a series of sounds caused by vibrations (think rumble strips on the side of the highway).

Created by RPA.




Helvetica just took over my RSS Feed reader and I am a little bit giddy....You can grab it here.

Thanks to miss. swissmiss!


Classy Goon.

I didn't really get into wine (or goon) until my adventures in Australia. Alcohol is quite an expensive habit down under so many of the locals, or the ones that I hung out with, really appreciated boxed wine. I never really came across any boxed wine with eye-catching ( in a good way) package design... until now.

Now you can get a box wine that looks awesome and will get you drunk (win, win).
Conveniently available in 3L & 5L sizes.

Check it out at hauswein.de


Breakfast Keyboard.



Go Away

Hope everyone had a good Turkey Day... I know I did.