Brush & Rinse

Scott Armon has come up with a great design solution for not drinking out of the tap anymore after your dental hygene sessions.
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Christian Ward



Piet Hein Eek

Piet Hein Eek's chunky, geometirc tableware is awesome.

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This is friggin' hilarious !

PMS 187 runs deep through my veins

Guides Locked !

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Daniele Lago's Tangram is the ultimate in interactive shelving. Tangram is a shelfing system that consists of a sqaure split up into 7 different shapes. Some of the suggested configurations are amazing !

Dosh Darnit !

Chaeck out my post on the Dosh wallet over at 2modern.

Easy Hang

These pendant lampshades are awesome ! Every light in my house is a hanging pendant light and it takes a ladder, a screwdriver and face mask to remove the current shades.

Might need to invest in some of these cool looking and practical light shades.

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Thanks You Paige

Today I gotta sweet surprise in the mail. Paige Russell sent me one of her Monster Truck Anything Holders and she gave me a sweet shot out on her site.

Thanks Paige !