The images of this houses interior make me feel all warm and fuzzy in the bathing suit area.
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Floating books

This is a great way to display your books and magazines. Finally I can shed the tyranny of horizontal shelving... floating books are bad ass.
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yellow & brown

This is pure genius ! Only the Swedes can be responsible for this.
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Alphabet Flash Cards

Great way to teach your kids the alphabet with Politially Incorrect Alphabet flashcards... at least they are boring.
Love the illustrations and choice of letter reperesentations.

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Design Rock Star !

Check out Design Rock Star! at 2modern.


Shake it like a salt shaker...

These macaroni shaped salt & pepper shakers are awesome ! The two pieces connect at the center with magnetic attraction. They fulfill a purpose and they look cool on the table.
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Lean Back,,,,

The "Water Me When I Tilt" vase is perfect for horticulturally challenged people like me. This new vase lets me know exactly when to water it because the equllibrium of the vase shifts as the water evaporates causing it to tilt. Brilliant!
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Chatherine Greene's Rolling shelf is a brilliant design solution for accomodating oversized objects. The ends of the shleves are constructed of individuals slats of wood that are hinged together with fabirc allowing them to be rolled up to create cool new shelf options.
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