Creative Building

Visual communication does not have to be complicated... less is more. This is perfectly executed in the new Lego campaign by Blattner & Brunner.
via a cup of jo


junky said...

ooo lego!!! very exciting...tell me something, do they have a lego-land display in oz?

Jinkerjacket said...

didn't they have a giant life-size lego harry potter in the myers at pitt street mall? and a darth vader one too?

junky said...

OMG!! Yes!! I remember now! We were supposed to go back and take my picture with Darth and we never did! Dammit!

Hey SG, if that Vader Lego doll comes back again, take a snap of it for me.

subcontinental.giant said...

If the Lego characters tour through Australia again... I promise I'll snap some photos for you. With me posing in strategic positions... of course.