For the past few months I've noticed a building in between my place and Central station that has the words ZING written on it. It's a cool, mysterious facade and I've been meaning to figure out what it is for ever.

Today, on the way home from the Surry Hills festival, I finally walked by it and took a photo to share.

Come to find out it is a PR firm. Check out their site here.


Geoffrey said...

Hey mate thanks for linking to our site I took a look at yours greate work :)

Come by for a coffee I head up our design department would love to have a chat.

Geoffrey Emerson
Head of Digital & Design

subcontinental.giant said...

Thanks pal... glad you like the work. I would have loved to come by for a coffee, unfortunately I just moved back to the US! Next time I'm in Surry Hills I'll stop by and if you're ever in DC give me a holler.