65 Modern Proverbs

You guys need to go "coptic" this book. (Ok - it's too early in the am for me to come up with funny stuff.)

This coptic bound book by Nikki Farquharson reminds me of the book-binding class I took during my postgraduate days at COFA. I think I appreciate this because I know how hard this style of binding is - not to mention how much harder it is when you have big sausage fingers like I do (book-binding - did NOT think that through).

No really, this book has some very clever content and is brilliantly designed.

"This coptic bound book is an expansion of Rebuilding Expressions. I wanted to capture the zeitgeist of today's western mentality with these revised expressions. Originally, I created approximately 40 expressions that I had to reduce to 26 for the alphabet. I wanted to use them all and create more to make a book. Sixty-five modern proverbs have been split into 7 categories."


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