Lacoste Red

The new Lacoste Red campaign is ridiculously effective! The concept and the execution is amazing... it's branded perfectly and goes along with the classically fresh look of the line.

I'm not a big fan of Lacoste - not because I don't like their clothes... but because as a Subcontinental(dot)Giant - their sizes run a bit...er... small for me**. But still, this campaign is amazing and I tip my (non) Lacoste hat to them.

Check out the cool stop-motion website - Lacoste Red Website

I just need a verification from the official fashion guru of SdotG... Mark ?

** to be honest I do own a pair of Lacoste shoes... but don't tell anyone.



Mark said...

Damn SdotG - great fashion spotting.I too am not a huge Lacoste fan - think it may stem from wearing their shoes as part of my uniform during my cosmetics days , but I have been in love with their ad campaigns for a few seasons now. This new installment, which looks like it is being directed to the Tween set, sits nicely with the images of past campaigns. I'm digging the grey cardigan and the multi-coloured polo. Can I place my order with you so you buy it at US$ prices for me?

subcontinental.giant said...

Thanks Mark! Glad you agree...Send me your order and hopefully I can deliver it by hand in Dec!