Coil Lamp

This lamp by Craighton Berman is brilliant!

Coil Lamp reduces the domestic lamp to the absolute minimum of defining elements. A single electrical cord coils around what appears to be an empty volume, defining the iconic form of a table lamp and ultimately powering a single light bulb.

The entire form is created exclusively from a single 100 foot extension cord that has been wrapped around a laser-cut clear plexiglass form. This simple transformation elevates the status of the humble, everyday extension cord to the realm of high design.



Ian said...

I wish there were a "like" button รก la the facebook. Nothing to say other than a Keanu Reeves-esque "whoa!" for extension cord lamp and 'Merica steak

subcontinental.giant said...

Yeah I figured those would be 2 solids for my return to posting on here again. Yeah next time just write "I like!".