Sumo Styles

Last wednesday Sydney hosted the 2nd annual MTV Video Music Awards at the Super Dome in Olympic Park. Guess who had front row seats and after party passes.... this guy. Thanks to my roommate J-dizzle. It was pretty cool, but I was expecting MTV NY style show but it wasn't. It was kinda bush league. The place holds about 21,000 people and it was very empty. That should say alot. Here were the people I saw.. Snoop, Ashlee Simpsons ( host), the Veronicas, the Darkness, Bernard Fanning, James Blunt, End of Fashion and Kiwi Hip-Hoppers Scribe and Savage. But the hightlight was the after party, 10:30 to 3 am open bar with everything. The greatest thing to watch was the all the hip-hop entourages that were on ass patrol during the after party and the chicks that were lining up to give humm jobs.

You guys should check out Bernard Fanning and Scribe. Good music.


J-dizzle spent the entire week leading up to the awards babysitting Ashlee and Jessica Simpsons. Apparently JS is a bitch and a porker that eats all the time, and AS is cool and down to earth. The father loves scooby snacks.

My visit back to the motherland is official. I will be back in MD/DC/VA on June 15th.


One of the services my company has is renting out Sumo Suits. The giant palstic fat suits you put on and wrestle each other with. When we rent these suits out to parties, one of us has to be there to make sure everything is strapped on tight and no one dies. Last night I was on Sumo Suit duty and had to go to a party in Penrith. It was a young ladies 21st birthday and they decided to get Sumo Suits. When I show up the usual shit happens I set everything up and people start wrestling and it's pretty boring. However, last night a few of the guests at this party were professional Rugby players that play for the Penrith Panthers. BIG DUDES ! So the whole time when the girls and the grandmas are wrestling I keep trying to get the dudes to go at it and do some crazy stuff so I get some entertainment. Finally, one of the dudes puts on a suit and werestles some older family member. Pretty boring, then all the sudden things get turned up a notch... the other 2 player come charging out of no where and begin drop kicking and flying arm tackling the guy in the suit. Shit went crazy as these three dudes starting murdering each other. There were a few busted noses and a few busted lips. All in all the best Sumo Suit duty yet.


Jason said...

its about time you come back to the motherland... can you smuggle me back a dingo

rockstarjoe said...

Get back over here so I can do you on a beautiful rainbow.