Hip Hop is Dead ?

This post is strictly HIP HOP...

Nas is releasing a new album in a few weeks and it is boldly titled "Hip Hop is Dead"

Here is a PitchFork Media Interview with Nas.

Also, the new LP has a song with Jay-z called "Black Republicans." Pitchfork deems the song a battle between the "Insular basket case" vs. "Omnipotent archangel"... you be the judge
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Ughh.com reports :

"Tony Starks is dropping another album this year. That’s right, 12/12 marks the date More Fish hits store shelves.

The album is an underground hip hop fan’s audible fantasy as the LP features Ghostface spewing shaolin sword techniques over instrumentals from Madlib, M.F. DOOM, Pete Rock and Hi-Tek. Guest appearances include Redman, Sheek (D-Block), and of course the Theodore Unit, but “More Fish” also introduces the world to Ghostface’s son, Sun God. If you watched the DVD that came with the Trife CD earlier this year, you already know the kid’s got heat (who could forget Ghost welcoming his son to the stage, “That n**** came from my balls”).

While many in hip-hop mourn the passing of the glory days, More Fish is another classic album from one of the genre's true legends, and one of its greatest talents. But for Tony Starks, it appears easy - like shooting fish in a barrel."

Still diggin Fishscale, can't wait to here this one.
In the last 18+ months I have been trying to get into Aussie hip hop. After realizing that there is huge hip hop scene I found out that one of the first real hip hop head I met out here is blowing up on the Sydney Hip Hop scene.

Here's a bit from his interview with a local radio station:

Take a line of your lyrics from one of your songs. Tell us more! Where did that thought come from?
"You wanna talk heat? Tongue broke thermometers
You rappers don’t count like votes in Florida" - from Bad Education

I like that lyric because it serves the dual purpose of dissing weak mcs AND ‘cosmetic democracy’ at the same time. For those who don’t know there have been major allegations of ballot-fixing in the last two US presidential elections. In a country where voting is optional (note:voting is mandatory in OZ), I think every vote should be counted.

How good is that response?! This guy is on top of his shit... one of the smartest guys I've ever met and a very talented MC. He is destroying MC battle competitions and local shows.

Check out "The Tongue"


Oh, and if you haven't worn out your copy of The Roots latest album, Game Theory, then you're an idiot because it is one of the best albums I have ever heard in my LIFE !


And now some classics

Warning.Ready To Die.

Feelin' it. Reasonable Doubt.

One Love. Illmatic.

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Scott said...

Fishcale - early lead on album of the year - believe that shit.