Only time you wear Burberry... to swim

Been real busy the last few weeks with work and a guest in from Laurel, MD. That's right, Ian was here visiting for the past 2 weeks, the second leg of his giant trip around world. He came here via Hawaii and is now headed to Asia. Had a blast with him, but it was hard getting up in the mornings to go to work when i was trying to be a good host and get drunk with him as often as possible.

Also, now that I am an official Master of Design.. I am no longer working part-time or contract jobs. I am now a full-time employee of Fossil Group Australia. It's cool because FGA is the only licensed distributor in Australia for a lot of big watch brands along with Fossil ( Armani, DKNY, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Burberry, D&G, Diesel, Breil, Zodiac, Adidas, Michele, Rotary, Dreyfuss & Co, Windmills) and I get to design ads, brochures, visuals and will eventually design store layouts for these brands. Another cool thing about working for an Australian company with it's HQ in the states is that I'm not just a designer... I am an "American" designer. So the first few weeks the company has made me attend a lot of conference calls with the folks over in Dallas ( HQ) so they can say here is our new "American" designer and we can finally understand what the hell you damn Texans are talking about.

Now for the other cool part of getting this job... Fossil has agreed to sponsor me with a business visa for up to 4 years. That's right, I'm gonna go ahead and stay here until I'm sick of this place, and if I want to stay longer than that will be easy to achieve after I have lived here for 4 years. So the adventures of the Subcontinental Giant Down Unda will keep on continuing. Well, they will in theory but in actuality I am not going to be having too many more adventures now that I am working full time and not a student. Life is a bit boring, plus I've been here for so long now the novelty has worn off.

So this blog is gradually going to transition from crazy drunk celebrity schmoozing stories to a greater focus on what I am surrounded by now on a daily basis... design and watches.

But I'll sprinkle a few good stories. Here's one... MTV 's new show, "The Lair", premiered a few weeks back and J-dizzle is in charge of talent management, so it's basically her show. For the premiere filming I was asked to help out around the set and help manage the "talent." It was a good experience and I got to hang out with The Killers, Jet, Kasabian, My Chemical Romance and a few other random bands. Oh yeah, and there was a band there called Spank Rock there who turned out to be from Baltimore so we had a few laughs and Jaeger shots while discussing crab bombs and the domino sugar factory.

The Killers are awesome ! So laid back and all they wanted in their dressing room was 2 cases of VB and 2 bags of chips. Where as douche bag Jet had a ridiculous amount of requests and there posse of 40 + people were all at the height of douche bagginess ! But they had these 2 brown skinneded back up singers that made putting up with Jet's bollocks totally worth while.
Stupid Kasabian and My Chemical Squarepants are in some sort of "beef"... wait let me rephrase that because Emo P-hags can't be in "beefs"... they are in a bitch fest. But no one cared because no one cares about them.

Good times.


The Redonkulous Linker said...

Finally an update on the life of the Giant. I was beginning to think that all of your time was spent repelling some little fucker named Jack who climbs a beanstalk to steal all of your gold watches and shit...and now that you are down under for at leat another four years, I will try to make it over at some point.

rockstarjoe said...

Man, I am so happy for you. The new job sounds awesome. Hearing you describe it, I kept thinking of the time on Seinfeld when George had to take the Texas business men out for a good time and ended up getting shitfaced with them. Way to make being an American into a job assett.

Also that is pretty badass that you got to hang out with some cool bands. Maybe you could do a Killers Signature watch for Fossil.

Glad you and Ian had fun (and didn't burn down your house or anything).


The Redonkulous Linker said...

As for the "Burberry... to swim." This line has always puzzled me. What the F is Jay-Z talking about? Is he saying that he buys his girl the best stuff by the best manufacturers, way better than Burberry, so much so that she can swim in her regular clothes which are manufactured by mediocre companies like Burberry. It makes no damn sense to me, what am i missing?

subcontinental.giant said...

Yeah I agree. At the time the song was released the Burberry brand was huge in the hip-hop community. And I think his point is just what you said, that he is so rich that his girl can't be bothered to wear a mediocre priced brand like Burberry except when she swims. Somehow degrading Burberry, a luxury brand with a distinctive British sensibility along with strong international recognition and differentiating brand values that resonate across a multi-generational and dual-gender audience, by only using it for swimming ir sun bathing. But what do I know ?

The Redonkulous Linker said...

I have asked the opinion of Jay-Z and Burberry afficiando Donkey McDonkerton (DMD) via instant messenger, and he disagrees, slightly, with our opinion, and then concludes, rightly, that the lyric makes no sense:

RDL: do you agree?
DMD: i o know
he mentions Hermes just before it, which is a little more expensive, but then he says timbs. I always thought it was "the only chick who wear burberry to swim", like its crazy to wear an expensive ass thing to swim in
RDL: and he is so rich that she can swim in it even though it is a great and expensive brand?
DMD: yes
RDL: ok got it, makes as much sense as the other, BUT why would that be the ONLY time she would wear burberry
DMD: shit dont make sense
who knows
gotta roll
maybe the only time you wear burberry to swim is if you have a hermes back and some minolo timbs

Shit makes no sense indeed.

dumpoplex said...

Wow, congratulations on taking over Australia! You should supplement your designer income by becoming a hand model for the watches you design.

I think you and Mr. Redonkulous are right about the Burberry line. I was reading the lyrics:

I keep you workin that Hermes Burkin bag,Manolo Blahnik, Timbs, aviator lens 600 drops, Mercedes Benz The only time you wear Burberry to swim And I don´t have to worry, only worry is him

I guess Jay-Z feels like swimwear is inferior quality, and he's so rich that Burberry is a step down for him. Its weird that's he the spokesman for Budweiser.

As a Master of Design, whats your take on the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Terror Debacle?