Foooosball ? That's the Devil's game

Over the years I have been a big fan of graffiti artists that go beyond the call of duty. One of my favorite "art terrorists" is UK based Banksy. Last year Banksy went down to the West Bank barrier, and while being harrassed and even shot at by Israeli & Palenstinian "security" he managed to put up 9 satirical graf pieces on both sides of the wall. When interviewed by POL Oxygen magazine, he described the expereince as the "Ultimate Activity Holiday Destination for Graffiti Writers." more>>

This next design takes multi-functionality to the next level. An essential for any bachelor pad ****whoville, I'm looking at you****. Now you can get a fooooosball table, pool table and dice football (not sure what that is but it sounds awesome) all in one table with a turnstile mechanism that locks and rotates each different gaming surface. Watch out sliced bread... more>>

In a previous post I brought you guys the results for the "Ceramics for Breafast" design competition. Well if you cared and wanted to put the faces of these young,amazing designers with their designs then you're in luck. Here are some photos from the awards ceremony.

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Check out the graffiti on tihs billboard