So after a month of growing out my luscious Octobeard... I have finally tapped out.
But don't worry I made sure some pictures, typography and a badass logo came out of it.

And remember... beards are way cooler than society has made them out to be.
Next step: Decembeard: This time its personal!


pink dogwood said...

I will use the second picture to scare my kids :):)

The maple in the first picture is amazing - and what are you contemplating Newton?? There are no apples on this maple tree :)

stateofdesign said...

You just cut it in case you have to travel anytime soon, don't front.

subcontinental.giant said...

No not apples, I was keeping an eye out for the ice cream truck... but it never came:(

SOD- dude, I wouldn't even think of coming within a 20 mile radius of an airport with that thing on my face!