Fenetik's First Born.

Alright folks, it's a proud day for us at Fenetik Design. Our first package/label design has finally arrived. The client just sent us these pics of the juice labels we designed, as they are literally rolling off the assembly line.

I had to share - this is the closest thing I've ever had to a child. We've named it - O.J. Fenetik.


pink dogwood said...


I am so proud of your team.

I can't believe I am an aunt of a juice bottle label :)

Jason said...

I'd buy a case of that...no questions asked. Product looks great.

subcontinental.giant said...

J- thanks dude, next stop Honest Tea!

PD - thanks didi, it's about time I made you an aunt :)

Daniel said...

Nice work dude! Are you guys really doing Honest Tea??

subcontinental.giant said...

Thanks Dan - no just joking about Honest Tea... kinda... for now... what?

dumpoplex said...