Logan Walters Returns to the 36 Chambers

Logan Walter's is updating all the Wu-tang album art (group and solo albums)! Yeah, let me repeat that... Logan Walter's is updating all the Wu-tang album art! At first I was a bit unsure if we were allowed to breach the sacred grounds of legendary/iconic albums. These albums are the soundtrack to my high school days and I've held them in such high regard that I've never looked at them with my critical, design-nerd eye. Well, until Mr. Walters has come around and showed us that it can be done. I bring you the first 7 of Logan Walter's redesign of the Wu-tang collection.

To be honest, they are really well designed but I don't think Wu-tang albums can have the same aesthetics as a Blue Note Records albums. The original 36 Chambers album was the rawest and dirtiest thing I'd ever heard in my life. I was horrified of these dudes but I couldn't stop listening to them. I don't think you can have them represented in the same way as Miles Davis or Amos Lee? I think these are awesome designs and they will definitely class up Logan's iTunes album art broweser, but the aesthetics and feel of the album art does not match the music they house.

What does everybody else think?

Read more about Logan Walters Remix Project here.

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