Bold City Brewery

These labels for Bold City Brewery are out of control!

“In the fall of 2008, Jacksonville, Florida-based Bold City Brewery opened its doors to a community of thirsty beer connoisseurs without a local brew to call their own.

Headed by a mother-son team, Bold City sought a look that would bring character and identity to their selection of brews—as well as tie the beer to its hometown.

The Robin Shepherd Group helped build the brewery’s brand from the ground up, creating a main logo for the brewery, in addition to separate logos for each ale. The Robin Shepherd Group built illustrations that incorporate the Jacksonville skyline and the unique quirks of the brewery and the city. Subjects include Duke, the resident brew hound, an injured and vengeful manatee from the nearby St. Johns River, and “Killer Whale”, the Brew Master’s childhood nickname.

As the brand continues to grow, each logo maintains the levity, hospitality, and hometown pride that Bold City Brewery is now known for.”

Design by The Robin Shepherd Group


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