My First Sensai

Yesterday the world lost a great icon who impacted so many lives across the globe, Pat "Mr. Miyagi" Morita.

Mr. Miyagi was the reason I wanted to take up martial arts, eventhough I never did. Mr. Miyagi taught me that discipline and honor are a key part of life. They are also useful to have when waxing a car, painting a fence, playing a monkey drum, nurturing a bonsai tree and catching flies with chop sticks.

Also, Mr. Miyagi showed the world that a creepy,old Asian man can befriend a strapping, teenage lad without there being (much) sexual tension. Later he went on to prove to us that the same is true with blossoming, teenage girl who he trained with the same respect that he would a male.

Tonight I will feast and drink in your honor... and I hope you get a nice place in that giant dojo in the sky. You will truly be missed.


The Redonkulous Linker said...

Nice post. What has gotten into you lately, is the school year over? Anyway, keep the hits coming, Maybe I will even start posting again.

jew-jew-bee said...

wow, what a great eulogy!

Could you write one for me one day? I'm a fat, lazy Jew who inspired nothing except for a couple people to leave the room after I had a big meal.

work your magic...

rockstarjoe said...

Dude. I'm sad.

I'm gonna go wax on and wax off for a little while.