Harlan McCraney

Being over here in the OZ, I don't get to watch the brilliantly amazing Comedy Central anymore. However, I do surf the internets... a lot !

I just came across a Comedy Central movie called "Harlan McRaney, Presidential Speechalist"

I only saw a bit of it but it looks HIGH-larious. Check it out here, and let me know if it has or hasn't already aired on Comedy Central. If anyone has the whole thing let me know so I can grab it from you.

(Source: Fabrica.it )


rockstarjoe said...

I'm not sure, but I think it is just a "short". Too bad, it would make an awesome movie!

[signal to noise] said...

I think Joe's right, it was just a short that aired sometime last year before the Presidential elections. That production company looks cool as shit though! I was looking at some of their music videos, and they've directed videos by Sunny Day Real Estate, Sebadoh, Lemonheads and a ton of other cool bands. Rock the mullhawK!