Soundtrack to War

Today I visited the Museum of Contemporary Art. The current exhibit at the MCA is Interesting Times, which focuses on contemporary artists from OZ. I enjoyed most of the pieces and installations at the gallery, but one really stood out. It was a movie by George Gittoes, an Australian artist, called Soundtrack To War. The movie documents music and war. Gittoes interviews various US soldiers in Iraq asking them what music they listen to during war. Wether driving in the tanks, getting ready to leave for a mission, or just to get by in the hellish situation they are in. Some of the clips even show the soldiers performing there own music in the form of rapping, strumming gore metal riffs, or singing patriotic Toby Keith-esque country songs. It really shows how young and silly most the troops "protecting" our liberties really are.

You should check it out.


rockstarjoe said...

I think I would just listen to old Soundgarden the whole time I was blowing stuff up.

Jinkerjacket said...

Best line in the film was by some punk rock soldier saying that everyone else in the world was a conformist because they listened to mainstream music and not punk. A soldier, in the American army, says we're all conformists....hmmmm?