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My Future Wife

This has to be the nerdiest design thing ever. And guess what… I friggin love it and plan on ordering the set of The Ladies of the Baseline ! Typographical genius. Kudos to Matt Sutter for being my hero.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hackney Shelf

Here’s an ingenious idea that blurs the boundaries between furniture design, graffitti and conceptual fine art. London designer Ryan Frank strategically places white boards at various points in east London and waits for illicit decoration to begin. Frank leaves boards out for weeks until they have sufficiently “matured” into colorful pieces of street art. Once the boards have matured, they are removed and transformed into these colorful mobile shelving units - juxtaposing street art with interior environment. For the collectors out there: every piece is a completely unique slice of “recycled” Hackney street art.

from inahabitat

Hackney Lite

Hackney Lite is the follow-up design from Hackney Shelf. The range displays a pure white front without the graffiti and includes a large & small floor standing unit.The ‘clean canvas’ gives consumers the freedom to add their own graffiti/graphics in the privacy of their home.

from bouf


The boys over at SOZ are taking DIY furniture to the next step with their new furniture range, Re:mo. The mini carpenter’s blocks can be locked into each other to create any form that is needed. The beauty of this range is the instant availability that it offers.

Say you and Bob are lounging around in your Re:mo chairs, then suddenly Tim shows up with no where to sit. Being the gracious host that you are, you take Bob’s chair and break it down into two stool so that everyone has seat. This can apply to shelves, tables, stools or whatever you need to change to fit your current needs.

Plus they remind me a lot of the Puzzle! Plates that were created by yours truly.

from yanko via coolhunter

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