Honeycomb Hideout...

Grommet Hole Accessories.

Belkins grommet hole covers bring all the nerds to the yard. These things are awesome. Grommet holes are such an eye sore in your fake wood desk. But now, thanks to Belkin, we can utilize these eye sores with a nerdy, IT twist. Belkin has designed grommet hole covers with a built in iPod docking station and another version with 4 USB ports ( angled and flat ) This would be a great highlight when you put photos of your desk in with On Your Desk

from popgadget


Honeycomb Shelves.

I’ve been designing a new shelving unit for my bedroom. Something customized for my wardrobe area because normal people shelves hold about 2 Subcontinental Giant sized shirts.

While looking around for other designers solutions I virtually ran into the folks at Unto This Last.

I thing they have some great, contemporary solutions for shelving. I especially like the Honeycomb shelves.from itotallyloveit.com

Herman Miller Design history

I’m bitter, this is the equivalent of every design history class I ever took across the span of 2 friggin’ higher education degrees. Oh well, now you can get a little dose of design history.

Origami Plate Set

Fun, innovative and well designed… that’s how I like my tableware. Robin Platt executes this perfectly in his new Oragami set.

from yanko


The Redonkulous Linker said...

I had no idea that those things were called Grommet holes, but now i want to drill grommet holes in all my desks and tables.

junky said...

they're fancy and practical...what more could a nerd ask for? sigh....

Jeremy said...

Really cool stuff! I love those half grey walls and floors too!