Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto

Now that I am back into the 9to5 grind, I have to go and buy an alarm cock. Here are 2 great solutions to the boring conventional clocks.

Dangerbomb Alarm clock

This alarm clock is a pretty clever design for people like me, no not because I am brown and my people love bombs, but because it is really hard for me to wake up in the morning (or during any part of my sleep cycle). I usually end up turning off the alarm and being late for whatever it is I need to be up for. But with this clock I have to actually get up and connect the 3 wires to stop the annoying buzzing.

This this takes “interactive wake-up solutions” to the next level. As soon as the alarm goes off, Clocky takes off and runs around your room beeping and flashing until you get up and chase it down. Perfect… I might just have to order me a Clocky.

I proudly present 2 of the coolest shoes to ever be targeted to our generation:

The Transformers X Nike Air Trainer III


Reebok Voltron Pack


I reall hope no one is planning to make a line of kicks for these guys


dumpoplex said...

Go-bots were the worst. So were those Ghostbusters rip offs. Remember them?

subcontinental.giant said...

Go-bots were awful! I remember I got go-bots action figure for x-mas one year and I was bitter. I don't remember the fake ghostbusters, but I am glad that i never experienced them.

rockstarjoe said...

Now we gotta deal with CGI ninja turtles too. I am very disappointed.

rockstarjoe said...

By the way, not sure if it was intentional, but you know you wrote "alarm cock" in your first sentence?