Peeping Kuuuuuooooomar

This week I have started to convert half my bedroom into my work space/studio. I want to keep doing creative stuff outside of the corporate 9to5. While trying to resolve some space division issues I stumbled upon this site, and I CAN"T STOP GOING THROUGH IT. The first 3 hours were spent just reading the posts sent in by designers, but now I am going through all of them. It might be one of the coolest sites ever. Does this make me a weirdo just because I like checking out other peoples work spaces ?


The Redonkulous Linker said...

Good stuff. You are not a weirdo, I clicked through a ton of these.


rockstarjoe said...

That's cool dude. As a certified computer nerd, I love desk pr0n. When you graduate to the world of Mac you should check out the desk set ups in this thread..

dumpoplex said...

Dude, this stuff is awesome. I am going to wander on this site for while. I need to get more stuff so that I look like I am doing something.