American Aquarium Drinker...

Want the ultimate desk accessory to make your friends and family know you mean business when it comes to obscure indie bands ? Well look no further folks... here it is. Thanks to UNKL, you can order hang out with the boys from Wilco everyday with this set of the whole gang Jeff, Glenn, Mikael, John, Pat and Nels in a special edition case. (and if Wilco is too obscure for you, then ha ! get with it )

Innovative tableware design makes me feel pretty damn good ! Even more when the functionality of the object is not compromised for "coolness." The Cupple Mug at day-lab is the perfect example of what it takes to make me feel warm and giddy. The mug has an ergonomic handle that can be placed inside the saucer, providing us with awesome twist to how we store and display our mugs.Functional and COOL !
Also, check out the other stuff at day-play as it is not you run of the mill design retail site...

from browner brown via day-lab

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