7th Annual Milan "time to get get giddy" Design Week 2007

This years Milan Design Week had outstanding coverage in the blogosphere. Thanks to Moco Loco, Core77, Designboom and Pan-Dan I felt like I was actually in Milan for the fair (minus the great food, hot women and gelato). There is a lot to process after the world’s biggest annual design fair, but I’ll list a few things that made me giddy…

Flos brings in the big dogs, Marcel Wanders and Phillipe Starck, to make their lighting solutions even more dazzling.

“Sky Garden” by Marcel Wanders for Flos

"Tribe" by Phillipe Starck for Flos

Moooi “The Unexpected Welcome”

In an exhibition setting these are impressive, but I bet isolated in a domestic context they will be overwhelmingly impressive.

'Non-Random' lights by Bertjan Pot for Moooi

I posted on the Fatboy f
urniture line recently, Patricia Urquiloa’s “Fat Sofa” is the Banana Republic to the "Fatboy" furntiture’s Old Navy. But they do look deliciously plumperific. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
'Alinata' shelving system by Satyendra Pakhalé for Erreti are a pretty cool design for a boring old shelf. And the stragetically placed legs on all sides lets you place the shelf to your needs.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Left or Right BIG lamp by Julian Appelius is a perfect combination of lighting solution and book storage as a reading light that can sit bed side or chair side and hold all you reading material as part of it’s structure. A smaller version is also available to be mounted on the wall or for table tops.

Lamps No1 & No2 by Nicolo Taliani are based on science lab equipment. The beaker style base of the lamp holds the chord as it coils up to create a unique look that relates to how much lead is needed on the chord to plug in the lamp. Simple and amazing!

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec's "Pol" sofas just look kick-ass !---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Peter Marigold's cool and practical shelving solution is modular and can be customized according to individual requirements.


Last, but definitely NOT least, I have to give a shout out to Karola Torkos and Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino for their fun and innovative line of table ware called Topoware.

"This set, made of bowls, salad plates and dinner plates see the lines reappear in playful ways to label your dining habits. Each piece addresses a different issue or poses a different question. Are you hungry, very hungry or done? Are you modest or greedy? Do you have a mom/dad or child portion?". See more here on the Topoware Flickr page.


Joe said...

Great stuff, as usual! On a technical/nerdy note, what are you using to "shrink" your photos? They aren't scaling well. Maybe try making them smaller in Photoshop? They'll look nicer.

subcontinental.giant said...

Thanks dude. I usually just link via the URL. But I'll keep an eye out for that.

Jinkerjacket said...

i saw those "non-random" lights today in the T Dot in black ..they are even sexier in black...apparently someone else found them in black:

Jinkerjacket said...
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