intoxicatingly ?

The Dot Grid Book is a must have for anyone who is done with lined or square grid pages. Replace your dark, overwhelming lines with this subtle dot grid. The "dot matrix" is perfect to keep you on the right track and when you scan in your sketches the dots are too light to be picked up.

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Here is a prime example of "intoxicatingly" delicious and consistent graphics. It doesn't get much better than this !

Thanks to NOTCOT, I've discovered some of the funniest e-cards ever. They remind me of Get Your War On with the silly captions grouped with a generic static drawing. But PLEASE look through these at someecards.com and send your friends, family and ex-girlfriends the appropriate cards. A little random humor never hurt anyone !

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dumpoplex said...

Dude, these are cards are redonkulously funny, my favorite is "congratulations on not having cancer."