Street Justice

One of my favorite past times is going graffiti hunting in all the cities I visit. Some of the best grafitti I've seen has been in Prague and Melbourne. The only problem is I can't ever coomunicate with the artists to let them know how I feel about their work, whether good or bad, because I'm not a part of the mysterious graff sub-culture. But now I can ! Design Crack has come up with a "Graffiti Report Card" that can be downloaded, filled out and stuck next to any piece you feel needs a comment. It has a 3 point rating system for creativity, skillz, daring and overall. It also has a section for comments and artist information. Pretty cool idea, and I've already downloaded a bunch for my next walk through Syndey's streets...just in case I come across any street art I might like to critique.from core77

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Brandon said...

Thanks so much for writing this up on your blog. Let me know if you put any report cards up because I would love a picture.