23 Skiddoo

So Chief Ike's was absolutely horrible last night. I actually only stayed for 15 minutes. I walk in and try to get a beer but the bartender looks through me every time. I finally yell... " 2 Corona's please" and he shakes his head, mumbles and proceeds to make mixed drinks for other people. At that time, I walked out and had to really restrain myself from jumping across the bar and Hogan leg dropping the bartender. The Chief broke my heart !
So we regrouped at the Mill. A good crew gathered and we were off to the Blue Room. In a nutshell, a little expensive with a twist of pretentiousness but the scene was good. The females were hot, the music was nice. So instead of celebrating cinco de mayo like dirty sanchez I spent most of the night like a light skinneded richie rich. eh, whatayagonnado.

Wizards are playing tonight at 8. Hopefully the fat lady will sing for the Bulls season tonight. Wish the Wiz Kids a lot of luck.

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